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Search for life partners and not business partners - Business partners will end in D

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Hello All,
I was shocked to see a matrimonial ad received for my nephew and it said
Wanted bridegroom Salary 8 L pa or above/ IIT/ IIM or MBBS, Good Habits and shd be willing to settle down in the US.

What is happening to the so called great community we boast of? Yes, i do agree some where down the line brahmin girls did study well and they are placed well but this is not the way to search bridegrooms

Many i know who got married in the early days were also over qualified but money and ego were comprised and they lived happily.

I see the problems with the mothers of these girls. they teach them a lot and i find my girls having problems with the father side relatives. they see them as villains.

IYER GIRLS are leaders in inter caste marriages - I can prove this with my own statistics which i have collected.
The society is changing, what is wrong with the progress. If we do not accept the change it is just going to bypass us. My ancestors left Tamil nadu hundreds of years ago. Some of my values are outdated even in Tamil Nadu today. I am nostalgic about them, but that is the reality.

Marriage is a contract, like any relationship it changes over period. In US they sign a prenup contract with divorce in mind. With 2 wage earners the economic reality has changed. So we can be nostalgic about the good old days, but this new day.
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