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School for Dyslexics in Coimbatore

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Dear all,

This is a school for the less fortunate among us... The dyslexics,

"Dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty that mainly affects reading and spelling. Dyslexia is characterized by difficulties in processing word-sounds and by weaknesses in short-term verbal memory; its effects may be seen in spoken language as well as written language. The current evidence suggests that these difficulties arise from inefficiencies in language-processing areas in the left hemisphere of the brain which, in turn, appear to be linked to genetic differences.

Dyslexia is life-long, but its effects can be minimised by targeted literacy intervention, technological support and adaptations to ways of working and learning. Dyslexia is not related to intelligence, race or social background. Dyslexia varies in severity and often occurs alongside other specific learning difficulties, such as Dyspraxia or Attention Deficit Disorder, resulting in variation in the degree and nature of individuals’ strengths and weaknesses."

My aunt offers free voluntary service to this school by way of teaching the children. It is while discussing with her that I came to know of this. This school has met with some success in weaving out dyslexics into normal individuals capable of making their way in this world. Such a school has gladdened may a parent's heart.

The tough situation that they face currently is shortage of funds which could possibly hamper operations of the school. Even a brick counts in the building of a wall - with this in mind, I post this piece of info.

If the feel to contribute to such an effort sparks in you, the attached scan shows the Bank details and the contact person to guide you.

You could also pass this on to individuals whom you feel, could aid the cause.

Appreciate your good sense in taking time to read through this post.

Thanks & Regards,
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Am unable to paste the scanned images, so am just typing the details here:

Rashmika Centre for Learning & Counselling
(Run with the Technical Assistance of Madras Dyslexia Association)
No. 1289, Trichy Road, Coimbatore - 641 018
E-mail: [email protected]


Rashmika Learning Centre: +91 422 2304900
Mr. Suresh Abraham (Res): +91 422 4394293
Mobile No.: +91 94437 21963

Bank details of sending aid:

1. Cash payment to the centre.
2. Cheques or DD drawn in favour of Rashmika Centre for Learning and Counselling, Central Bank of India, A/C No. 1215, Trichy Road, Coimbatore, Pin - 641018.
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Anybody who would like to help, please do so... Thanks

I reproduce from their pamphlet:

"Every second, millions of children are born and all of them are dissimilar in looks, behaviour, in IQ, EQ, comprehension and learning skills like the 3 R's - Reading, Writing and Spelling. Educational Institutions categorize the students as very good, good, average, poor and very poor. Children below the average category are not accepted by the society, sometimes not even by their parents. These children are branded as dull, lazy, disinterested, demotivated, playful and hyperactive. So they succumb to severe punishments at home and at school. These under achievers with specific learning difficulties or differences are categorized as "Duslexics" and they are 10% of the school going children.

This fact caused real concern and agony in our minds and we decided to get trained and help such children to gain basic education, regain confidence and thus become effective individuals fitting into the society in different walks of life. After getting trained, we setup a small centre in 1997 with four children at our residence. When the number increased we moved to rented buildings. At present we are with 91 children and 25 teachers. There is also a department of occupational therapy with four therapists. By the grace of the Almighty we could send many children back to the main stream school. More than 10 boys could pass out of the school leaving examination who currently run their own businesses or have jobs after getting trained in technical colleges. Many girls have come back to normal ways of life, thus no more becoming a burden to their parents.

We had been struggling hard to make both ends meet throughout these 9 years. Now we are at a juncture where we have to have a place of our own, so that we will not have to refuse admissions which is what we are doing now. This is for want of place, facilities and space for expansion. In fact these children deserve more opportunities and facilities than the regular children.

It is the Madras Dyslexia Association that technically setup this centre and is still technically guiding us. We are registered with the Govt of TN:- reg No. 20050713 of 2005. We don't receive any financial help either from the Govt or from any private agents.

With proper infrastructure and all facilities, we are sure we can expand this support and help to over 500 children. To achieve this we need enough funds. We believe that there are so many benevolent well wishers who understand our mission and will be able to help us. We earnestly request you to arrange some sort of financial aid to help us out of this crisis."
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