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Schedule Cast and Schedule Trip should be Tamil Nadu CM

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Hello All
I feel Schedule Cast and Schedule Trips are good people while companring with the bc/obc/mbc. Because one simple example Mayathi , she is from schedule cast/Schedule trip and ruling the up with good sense. she consider all the cast including bramins and fighting for the bramins.As per my understanding only tamilnadu people are never and ever accept that we are tamilians(those who born and brought up in tamilnadu). so Tamil nadu should also rule by Schedule cast/Schedule trip as the chief minister
Mr Sriniranga,

Just because you are posting from the safe confines of DC, Washington you cannot pull the rug under the feet of the egregious kazhaga kanmanis of TN.

Well, their making way for the SC/ST has the same probability of seeing snowfall in chennai during 'kathiri veyil' :)
since this is the reason

These OBC/MBC/BC people neither like ST/SC nor bramins. These people are not considered ST/ST as a non-bramins so we can consider those people as bramins..how ramanujar done in the olden days.. we people will rule the tamil nadu.
the fact is

Yesterday evening one OBC guy(one of my friend) is arguying with me that u people are holding the top post in banks, like GM, AGM and regional manager, why we people could not do that work or we are not elegible. he is saying that if u go to one post office try to get the Change from the postal (stamp Seller Devision).He or she will give half an hour time to give the change . those SC/ST dont know how to count the money also. What they are going to study in the colleges and elite institutes. so i am saying they neithter like ST/SC nor Bramins.
The ground situation

I guess its many BC/MBC people who would hold high opinion on Brahmins rather than SC/STs. Some of the complaints as mentioned by a member is easy to hear as in some cases it is the truth.I guess major chunk of DK members belong to SC/STs.(Many are economically backward people too.They just find no use of religion ,God etc.Go with the party which gives something for you.)in The social justice champions of TamilNadu would ensure that no SC/ST would become a CM.Its reserved for a few pathetically backward people like MK,his sons,Jayalalitha,her appointees etc.
Still about Maya I cannot accept the claim of fighting for Brahmins unless we have a concrete proofs.I guess the constitution itself is against the politically weaker sections of the soceity.Any court judgement can be overthrown by parliament.Even if there is a public disapproval on certain issues its not getting reflected in Parliament.Even PM can meet supreme court judge and go for a big panel of judges if smaller bench judgement doesnt satisfy the Govt's goals.And the panel also can deliver judgement without getting any answers for the questions raised by the previous bench.
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