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Scanning Temples - Tirumangalakudi

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I am starting this series as I am more fascinated towards the temple from my childhood. I thank my mother for the same. She used to tell me all the stories and the ways of worship etc. which has driven me in the direction of exploring temples.

I am more fascinated towards the temples in South India as I have not visited much of North India and will be making a trip shortly so that I can do an explore in North Indian Temple as well.
This series I am starting in my BLOG so that people will come to know about the old and powerful temples that are there near to our living places. In this BLOG, I am not going to tell about the usual stuff like where is it located and how far is it from and how can we go there and all. Instead I am going to share the things which I heard from the priests of the temple itself. Particularly in this series I am going to share the details of the real incident behind the temple construction and the things which happened in the earlier age popularly named as “Sthalapuranams“
Let me start with the places which I visited last week which was a very long weekend. Thirumangalakudi:
This place is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the name of the Shiva here is “Prananatheswarar”. Of course Sakthi is also there in the temple without her there is no power for Shiva as per our mythology. The name of the Ambal here is “Mangalambikai”.
The Sthalapuranam for this temple goes like this
In the Ancient age there was a King who was ruling this area near Tanjore-Kumbakonam-Mayiladuthurai(Mayavaram). The Minister of the King is a very devotional man and he was more than a regular devotee of Lord Shiva. He wants to construct a temple for Lord Shiva, but he doesn’t have money, so he took the money from the Tax which has been paid by the people and started the construction of the Lord Shiva Temple in TiruMangalakudi. After the construction or when the contruction is in progress(This I am not very sure), King comes to know that he has taken the money from the Tax. So he ordered his man to kill the minister (He ordered his man to do SiraSedham for the minister – Cutting of Head). Before the SiraSedham, the minister requested the persons to do his last rituals in the village where the temple is under construction. They agreed and the minister’s head has been cut off.
Upon hearing this news, Ministers wife urged to the temple in TiruMangalakudi, cried and prayed in front of Shakthi. She cried in front of Ambal sannidhi and told that the minister has taken the money for your temple construction and he is no more, and prayed to get her husband back. Lord Shakthi requested her husband Lord Shiva to bring him back as he was doing good things with the money and he has not used for himself. Lord Shiva and Lord Shakthi has been pleased with the immense devotion from the minister and his wife and they gave the life back to the Minister.
Since Lord Shiva has given the “Pranan”, which is the basis for life, to the Minister, he has been called as “Prananatheswarar” and since Ambal has given the TiruMangalyam back to the minister’s wife, she has been called as “Mangalambikai”.
Later this temple has been constructed well during the Chola regime and regular poojas are being done till now. The speciality here is Curd Rice Annadhanam which has been made to the people with Diseases like Venkustam and other Nervous problems. People will eat the prasadham which is the Curd Rice here in the Yerukkam Leaf. This will cure the peoples diseases.
This temple is located in the Kumbakonam-Mayavaram route. We need to take a right from the Kumbakonam By Pass and you can enter the village Tirumangalakudi. Please do visit this temple and it will give you an immense pleasure in your life upon visiting Lord Shiva and Ambal.
Thank u for giving details.This place is very near to Surianar koil.The custom is we have to worship, first, here in Thirumangalakudi & then to Surianarkoil. which is, most of the devotees doesnt know!
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