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Save Srirangam Madhurakavi Nandhavanam

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Pls visit the following and make your signature there with out fail. This is for saving Srirangam Madurakavi Thottam from being undertaken by TN government


Save Srirangam Madhurakavi Nandhavanam Petition

Do this as quick as possible to save that Thottam from Where Lord Aranganathan wore His daily flower garlands.

Thank You


there are two sides to any story.

the tone of the petition, to me, itself, is a suspect. it sounds of the extreme right wing section ie the likes of VHP.

no one has explained what the issue is.

also, why the hrce is taking it over.

to be fair, you need to print both sides of the arguement in the petition, so that the readers can judge for themselves as to its merits.

based on the facts provided, personally, i think, this is yet another hysterical campaign by those who are caste-bound in their hatred towards the tamil nadu government.

i would like you to dig deeper, do your home work right, present detailed summary of the issue, clearly stating, for and against arguements (preferably by the opposing sides).

otherwise, it is yet another bunkum crying wolf exercise a la those dikshitars of chidambaram.

thank you.
Not open for further replies.

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