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Satyamev Jayate hits the heart!

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"Daughters of Bharat have the right to live". Aamir Khan's voice echoed with emotion as he spoke about the evil malpractice of female feticide rampant in India in the first episode of 'Satyamev Jayate'.

I have not watched it. I want to know what is the verdict of people seeing it. Will it change the social behavior?

'Satyamev Jayate' is not just a talk show, it's a battle against the evil practices prevailing in India, an appeal to the masses to unite together to fight against crime. Aamir is not the 'Oprah Winfrey' of India as dubbed by many across the country. He's an original! A thumbs up to the entire team for the effort, research, music and concern over India's much ignored malpractices. This one's a sure shot winner. With 12 episodes still left, any guesses on what subjects will be covered next?

Good that Aamir is talking about the common social evils...These are the qualities of responsible leadership...Here are the guesses for the next 11 weeks:
1. (Forced) Sati practice
2. Child marriage
3. Drinking & Drugs
4. The evil of dowry in marriages
5. Poor sanitation
6. Adulteration of food & Drinking water getting contaminated
7.Capitation fees in colleges
8. Homosexuality
9.Growing clamor for reservation pan India
10.Corruption in every walk of life
11. Growing Gigolos in society
However as it is not an adult show 8 & 11 may not be discussed...Instead I have the following suggestions:
1. Reverse discrimination of Brahmins in Tamil Nadu
2. Kashmiri Pandits turning refugees in own land
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I watched yesterdays topic on the Satyam Eva Jayate show (and not as given in the title) meaning Truth is invincible, featuring Child abuse victims, with horror and deep anguish at the malaise that has set in Society..

The agony that Harish Iyer had suffered at the hands of his own maternal uncle as a young boy of 7 years was shared with all the gory details..It shows the extent of the menace......He suffered this ignominy for 11 long years until he mustered the courage to tell his parents.

There was a question posed -Should elders be respected

The answer given was Respect elders for their behavior and not for their age

The animal instinct displayed by a close relative who became the worst abuser (paedophile) of the child is abominable & condemnable... It is against God.

Children are precious and they are the future of the nation...

Let us nurture, protect and treat them with care to move the cog wheels of the nation in the right direction
Sorry, I have to go against the majority view. The program looks artificial by dubbing in Tamil and my mind searches the primary reason for the sudden introduction of this program by a Cinema actor in the media. Publishing a weekly op-ed piece of writing under the same caption by the same Actor in "The Hindu" starting from this Monday adds to my doubt.
However I appreciate the subjects taken up for discussions are laudable.
Hope my doubts will be cleared in due course.

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