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Hi all,

During my last trip to India I was fortunate enough to visit Tirupati. Thanks to my parents for reserving sevai tickets, I was also able to have a good darshan of Srinivasar.

Even though I have visited Tirupati many times in the past, this was the first time that I attended Sathumurai. Of all my trips to Tirupati, I had the best darshan of the lord in Sathmurai sevai. Male Iyengars alone have the privilige of participating in Sathumurai I believe.

Periya Jeeyar heads the veda goshti and performs the stipulated rituals. If one desires to be part of the goshti, he needs to wait near the entrance of the temple. Sathumurai timing is different everyday. Shishyas wanting to have the darshan of the Lord through Sathumuari needs to have his side locks removed.

The best part of Sathumuari is that, theertham and Sadari is given inside the Sanctum Santorum.

I encourage every Srivaishnavan who visits Tirupati to attended Sathumuari.

Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan,

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