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Sardar jokes...

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Sardar left exam papers blank & wrote at end 'Dum hai to pass karke dikha'

Sardar 1 : HARBHAJAN male or female?
Sardar 2 : Female
Sardar 1 : How ?
Sardar 2 : Oye!! just now comentator told "A wonderful delivery by HARBHAJAN"

Dog was following sardar. Sardar laughed.
A man asked ' Why are you laughing ?
Sardar replied ' Oye I have put Airtel sim but Hutch network is
following!!! !'

A Sardar declares:
I Will never marry in my life & I'll advice the same to my children too'

Sardar attending an interview in Software Company.
Interviewer : Do you know MS Office?
Sardar : If you give me address I can find it ?????

Sardar was writing the Passive voice of 'I MADE A MISTAKE'

Sardar was busy removing a wheel from Auto,
Man asks Sardar, 'Why are you removing a wheel from your auto?'
Oye! Cant u read 'Parking for Two Wheelers only!'

Once Sardar was very hungry…. Went to a hotel he took only tea
without having food…
Guess why ??? Hotel Kamath …. (Kha Math)

Sardar was driving his car too fast. His friend asked why are you
driving so fast. Sardar said break failure yaar…
I want to reach home before accident…!!

Sport a smile, that shows a mile...

much as we like humour, maybe we should stop caricaturing groups into mockery.

there has been several posts in many a threads in this forum, pointing out that the socio comical portrayal of tamil brahmins in the movies.

i remember seeing padosan many many years ago and thought that mehmood's portrayal of a tamil brahmin buffoon was not in good taste.

while i am all for humour, let us not propagate ethnic based jokes.

thank you.

this should be treated as a joke and nothing more - even kushwant singh has written 3 or 4 joke books (lots of sardar jokes in it)...

it is a problem, of course, if one takes it to the next level i.e., of thinking that reality is contained in such jokes...

crazy mohan's jokes are of this kind - using the group flavour and behaviour to incite laughter (same for the sardars, mallus, biharis pathans etc...)

enjoy this as a good joke...

and am not a person who fits a punjabi into the "santa-banta" group...
Not open for further replies.

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