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Hope this is a serious post. Coz, i truly find it difficult to believe that being in mumbai you have asked such an innocuous question.

Now with the details what i know.

SAP is one of the biggest Enterprise Resource Platforms (ERP) available in the whole world. Competing products are PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Oracle, BAAN. Other local products are also available.

What is SAP ? It expands as Systems Analysis & Products. Though the official expansion is "Sab Aadmi Pareshan" given the pains that one normally goes thru implementing.

What is ERP ? As you know any organisation needs systems & processes to carryon with it's activities. Earlier each function/department had discreet systems which operated as Islands of Excellence without any integration. Ofcourse different products & different platforms meant that integration in some cases was virtually impossible. This resulted in duplication of efforts & loss of information, increased efforts etc... For eg : a Purchase order created in a Purchase system had to replicated again in a Finance system to process payment.

ERP provides the platform which integrates all the functions of the organisation in a seamless, integrated manner. It also creates stakeholders for each piece of information & hence a single transaction could seamlessly move between departments/functions.

Technically speaking SAP is an OLTP - Online Transaction Processing tool. The operating language of SAP is ABAP R/3. It can virtually work with any database backend including DB2, Oracle. It also has a native database backend.

It has modules for every single function you can think of - Finance, HR, Procurement, Sales, Material Management, Production Management, Project Management, Payroll etc... It also has subsystems within such as MRP - Material Resource Planning.

SAP is a preferred ERP systems worldwide & has the largest number of installations. It also has a suite of OLAP & BI reporting tools to complement it's ERP platform.

SAP trained professionals are in great demand be it in the functional or technical stream. Siemens offers SAP accredited training courses though there are many other chotu firms who also provide training. Through Siemens it is a bit costly but worth i guess.

Check out www.sap.com for more details.


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