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Sankara TV "CHATURYAM" Programme

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Dear all


Yesterday Night 9’O clock I saw a program on our Sankara TV (Chaturyam). It is actually a quiz programme, which creates awareness to youngsters about our culture and its richness. My mom insisted me to watch the programme, so for the first time I saw that. The programme was very nice to see and am seeing such a quiz programme for the first time. But I just want to get clarified in some questions and answers provided by them.

In that, there is a special and peculiar round, in which the students of one team should ask questions to the students of other team. Might be the students are not aware of the answers. But, even the person who conducts the programme also accepted all the answers which they said.

1. The questions should be from Ramayana and Mahabharatha. The students asked the names of daughter and son-in-law of dasaratha. (Ans: Shantha and Rishyasrunga). The question and answer are correct ofcourse correct. But in books which I studied, it is not the one and same dasaratha who is the father of Rama. There are actually many dasarathas in puranas (like samudra gupta I, Samudra gupta II, Chandra gupta I, Chandra gupta II, so on as in our history).


2. The next question is dilipa worshipped which divine cow? The answer which the opposite team said was “Kamadhenu” and immediately both the anchor and opposite team also accepted that.

The actual answer is “Nandhini”. Infact, king dilipa did not worship the cow kamadhenu. So only he got the curse from kamadhenu. He get rid of that by worshipping nandhini, the daughter of kamadhenu.

3. The next blender is the question “who killed abhimanyu?” The answer said by the team is “Jarasandhan”. Anchor also accepted this. But the actual answer is “Jayathradhan”. Infact, on continuation of this, the next question was, who stopped arjuna when he tried killing 'Jarasandha'. Here also they meant Jayathradhan only. In this case, question itself is wrong na...

Jarasandhan was killed by bheema with the help of Shri Krishna. Jarasandhan is the father-in-law of Kamsa.
Jayathradhan is the king of Chedhi, and he is the brother-in-law of Duryodhana. He married the only daughter “Dusshela” of Drudhrashtra and Ghandhari.

4. In other round, they have to tell a story with 10 words given by the anchor. In that he gave words like Brahma, prahladha, evening, hiranyashkan, thithi, athithi, sankaracharya, ahobilam. But both teams failed to tell the correct story that links sankaracharya and ahobilam. Even the anchor did not said that (when the concerned teams did not know the answer, it is the responsibility of the anchor to convey that).
In ahobilam, when our acharya stays, some kabalikas tried to give him Bali to their god. But Narasimha swami saved his life by entering into his sishya’s body and rescued Sankaracharya.

The actual aim of this programme is to create awareness among people about our puranas and Ithihasas. But if they do mistakes like this, that same thing will pass on to the next generation. May the concerned will look seriously into this matter.

I have posted this just to get clarify, whether the answers known to me are correct or not. Otherwise, the programme was very nice and was very creatively thought and proceeded. It is very helpful for the young generation.

Nice to see you back
Sri. Durgadasan! You may please write to Sankara TV about this. They will take necessary action

when the feed backs are given, I hope.

A classical case of the "misinformed enlightening the uninformed."

Not knowing is a pardonable crime.

Teaching the wrong answers is an unpardonable crime.

It is better that children do not watch such shows and learn things wrong.

The name of the show if befitting!

It requires a lot of chaturyam to get into a show,
pass on wrong informations and get PAID for it!.

The right thing will be to write the program producer or the anchor giving the right answers. He must be advised to report the right answers in the next broadcast.

Normally the anchor or the quiz master too will not know the answer. A researcher or a research team prepares the questions and answers after a survey or library work. The research team is obviously very weak.
Mr. Durgadasan:

I hope you succeed in getting your answers.

I have seen odd few members of this forum here very knowledgeable in our puranas and ithihas and would hope some of them will enlighten you with their research and answers.

Good luck.
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