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Sanatkumara took avatara as Subramaniaswami which is given in Tripurarahasyam.He was a liberated soul and who was tested once by Parameshvara and Parvathi who went to his ashram.He did not offer them worship or honoured them.Then Parameshvara threatened him that he would curse for which Sanatkumara smiled and said that the curse could not affect his soul.Immediately Siva offered him a boon to which also he declined and mentioned that may be Siva thought so high about curses and boons and offered a boon.Siva requested him to be born as his son.He granted and said that only for Siva woule get him as ason and not Parvathi as she did not ask for it.Parvathi pleaded that as a half of Siva she was also included.Sanatkumara replied that he could reconclie to be born thro private parts and then it was decided that as Skanda he would be born and be nurtured by Parvathi in the form of Saravana poigai.Thus was Muruga born
Thank U Sir,
I hope da same incident is narrated in Chaandhogya Upanishadh also,
which was quoted by Periyavaal. Is there any Tamil work that quotes
Sanath Kumaara's reincarnation ?
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