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Same-gotra marriages give birth to 'hijras':Bhaskar Mukherjee & Sukhbir Siwach,TNN

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Same-gotra marriages give birth to 'hijras':Bhaskar Mukherjee & Sukhbir Siwach,TNN

Hijras (eunuchs) are born when couples from the same gotra get married. This shocking statement came from some angry khap leaders when a scientist tried to tell them that gotras and blood relation were two different things and all members of a gotra cannot be brothers and sisters.

The outburst came on Tuesday during a one-of-a-kind workshop funded by Union ministry of women and child development at Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University in Hisar to invite measures to stop honour killings in khapland.

Retired senior plant breeder of the university, Dr Mahavir Singh Narwal told leaders from a dozen-odd khaps, "How can two lakh members of a gotra be brothers and sisters? Only those born to the same parents can be called siblings. It is not necessary that there would be adverse impact of same gotra marriages."

In this site we have discussed this topic many times. I am sure some members on this site still believe that Gothra is lineage.

I would like to explore this topic with new members in mind.

The origin and development of the concept of gotra is not clear when approached sociologically. People of all castes and speaking different languages and in different regions of India have the same gotra, like bharadwaja,kaushika,(sri)vatsa, garga,atreya Vaishampayana,saupayana, manava, sikita rathitara etc are rare gotras.Gotra alone therefore does not denote any varna(present day caste).Proscribing a swagotra marriage is a tradition that can not be justified/rejected on any scientific,medical or socio-ethnic basis.The rishis who held gurukula wherein students of all castes studied might have bestowed their names as honorifics like modern cambridgian,harwadian etc. There is no proof at all for a claimed gotra lineage save word of mouth declaration. Thus a Saupayan can be of any caste. Again,caste is a socially customised group with the only proof of parentage recognised by people around,as such. Hence village of origin say four generations ago plays a role in according reconition of a claimed caste.
prasad ji
the khap panchayats with their outmoded thinking and harsh enforcing power in haryana and rajasthan,UP districts frown on same gothra marriages and also lynch the offending youngsters and even harming their families for this . they dispense summary justice. All political parties appease them as they are vote banks.
even in south ,it is a big no-no. the brahmin community believe same gothra people have originated from same rishi depending on gothra name.in urban areas some defy in south but there are very small in numbers. In my family I have some same gothra marriages.. I also have a distant relative who has a christian son in law who has adopted his wifes gothra for marriage of his children


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LOL! Cant stop laughing reading this.

God knows if people of a same Gotra are related to start with..but 1st cousins and Uncle and Nieces of a different Gotra marry each other when they are so closely related and that is supposed to be fine.

Why dont some one test the DNA of their blood and their different Gotra 1st cousin they married and the check the DNA of some unknown unrelated person who is of the same Gotra and see the results.

I think the in-breeding is deliberate. It is supposed to enhance certain desirable characteristics such as color of skin, sharpness of brain, sharpness of nose etc.

Among muslims consanguineous marriages are supposedly for preserving family wealth and property within the family.
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