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Samayapuram Mariamman Temple

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TamilNadu is dotted with temples dedicated to Shakti. One of the most important amongst them is 'Samayapuram Mariamman' temple near Trichy. The presiding deity is 'Swayambu Mariamman'. The goddess is self-manifest. This is called the 'adhi peetam' of all Mariamman temples.

This place was originally called Vikramapuram and was ruled by Bhosalar Kings. Later on the rulers of Vijayanagar worshipped this deity. Only in the period of Vijayaraya Chakkaravarthi (1706-1732) the Mariamman was duly consecrated in a separate temple.

The grace of the divine mother vouchsafes health, wealth and happiness. She has assimilated the powers of 27 stars (in the constellation) and Navagrahas (nine planets) thus nullifying the malefic effect of the planets on those who worship her.
Mariamman blesses the devotees with 'ashta bhujam' (eight hands) the likes of which is not found anywhere else. The icon of the Goddess is in red colour, dazzling like a thousands suns, sporting a diamond band on her head, with golden hair and glittering jewellery. She is garlanded with fragrant flowers.
In order to save mankind from evil and guide them in the right path, the Goddess herself observes 'vrata' for 28 days called 'Pachai Pattini Vrata' every year: Beginning from the Tamil month of Maasi (Feb 15 - March 14) till Panguni (March 15 - April 14). Since Sundays are auspicious fo the Goddess, she starts her fast on the last Sunday of Maasi. During this period, only buttermilk, sugarcane juice mixed with jaggery and tender coconuts are offered as neivedhiyam. The Goddess is austere and literally starves for world peace and harmony

Other festivals are celebrated in a grand manner in this temple. The 10-day festival during Thai Poosam transforms the temple into a veritable paradise. Mariamman visits her brother Lord Ranganatha at Srirangam on the 10th day of the festival and receives gifts from the Lord. Besides the Maasi festivity, Chithrai Ther is celebrated with grandeur.

The sthala vriksham is the neem tree.

The temple is open from 5.30 a.m. - 9.30 p.m. Since it is a 'prarthana sthala', there are several cottages and guesthouses built by the temple Devasthanam. For those who would like to tonsure there head there is a separate area with amenities.

Since this Goddess is believed to cure people afflicted with measles and chicken pox, the affected patients camp here in separate quarters and pay obeisance to the Goddess.

There are shops on either side of the entrance leading to the temple. Samayapuram is a bustling spiritual spot and is situated 16 km from the Trichy-Chennai Highway.

(from archives.chennaionline.com)​
To add few more points to the post :
1. There are two ATM's (IOB and SBI) Near the temple.
2. You can park cars around the walls of the temple and near the bus stand. Its a best place to visit by car.
3. The seperate place for tonsure is clean and they charge Rs 30 per head. You can also avail hot water for childrens.
Warning :
You will be followed by many vendors with silver ornanments kind of stuff to buy. Dnt encourage them. You can buy those in the shop just entering into the temple.
Best Practices :
1.Go inside the temple take a right, you wil find a special ticket counter. Always get a Rs.10 or Rs.25 ticket. Samayapuram will be crowded irrespective of the day you visit.
2. For pulling 'Golden Cart' Just take a right while going inside the temple. near the Hundi ,you will find a small office. You have to register there.

One more addition. There is a medium sized temple of Kali ,nearby and the village's
name is Mahadikkuli. The idol is said to have been worshipped by King Vikarmaditya.
There is a Siva Temple called Poysaleeswaran which is 1000 years old.
I submitted a thread here History of Samayapuram, just read that which tells about the never told history of Samayapuram 1000 years. It is in Valluna font!
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