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Samaskaram of our community

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Dear Members :

I thought it is right time to exchange my views with the members with regard to the above subject :

As per Hindu Dharma a person has to do 40 Samakarams in order to purify our soul during our life term. Samaskaras will commence when the soul forms in the womb of mother and continues till the son complete Aabdhigam for their parents.

We may feel that our parents didn't perform the Samaskaras because of which we are not getting good things during our life period. Like wise, our children should not feel like us. As such we have to do the samaskaras.

Today in our cosmopolitan life we can't even do our routine Sandhyavandhanam regularly. Ceremony for forefathers are being performed as we like. Some people perform away from their house for reasons best to known to them.

My question is :

Today Vadhyars are playing an important role in our Samakaras. Some people are becoming Vadhyars just learning the procedure without knowing the complete mantram. This is because no one is interested to join Veda Padashala and choose this line. Some people due to unemployment problem, at a later stage, become readymade vadhyars. Things being like this there are huge demand of Dakshinai from the performers. People who can afford to pay they can meet the demand and pay. Some people who impose faith in our customs will face the demand and do the samaskaras including the yearly ceremonies. What will be fate of the downtrodden prople who can't meet the Vadhyar demand of Dakshinai? Because of this reason most of the people are stop doing yearly ceremonies to their forefathers. Is it a correct demand? How to solve the problem? Can anyone find a suitable remedy?

Please don't mistake me. I am narrating the practicality taking place today and our community is getting spoiled.

Dear Friend
Like you feel everyone else feels. However, there are practical difficulties. There is no questioning the legitimacy or the supremacy of the samskarams, manthras and acharanams prescribed. These were prescribed for a different time zone. However, is it feasible (let me speak for the GenX) who are living in California and Sydney or some god forsaken place in Bihar where there are no vadhyars available.
The customs and traditions prescribed for the 18th or 19th century are not practicable today. Let us appreciate that the religious reformers have always proved times without count, that the puritanical or orthodox form of religion needs change. Change is the only constant. We have moved from Mettukkaveri Agraharam or Nanneelam to metropolitan cities but we long for what we do not get. Let us think about what other caste Hindu Indians are following today. We are a displaced lot and are spread throughout the world. We have to check what is practicable and what our GenX can follow and ensure compliance. Whatever i s not capable of compliance can not be imposed on the GenX. I was grown up in an Agraharam where all the married women wore 9 yard sarees. But my son has grown in an environment where opposite flat was occupied by Christians and upper floor by Muslim and Punjabi Sardars. When the atmosphere the child sees gets imbibed in it, is it right to force upon the GenX something which they do not even understand.
It is important to inculcate some discipline but at the same time we should also not cling tenaciously and be obstinate about something which we can only imagine. Lot many things have happened. I say we should not worry about what we can not practice. Let such of the rites which are impractical get immersed in the annals of history.
We can do upanayanam and impart children the method of Gayathri chanting and Sandhyavandhanam. We can also inform about importance of other rites to be performed. But we should pause about whether there is enough practical training for the GenX which lives in California and Sydney and they are not living in Srirangam Ammamandapam or Mylapore or Kumbakonam Agraharam.
I know that I will be criticised for writing that we start follow only things that are practicable but let us begin to face it.
Let the debate go on but I think in due course of time some commonality of opinions will emerge amongst the community and leaders.
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