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Samashanam at Bangalore

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Hi Tamil Brahmins,

Yesterday myself and mywife went to Andavan Ashramam at Bangalore Sripuram and had a good Darshan and also we have taken Samashnam from Sri Srimath Srirangam Andavan.

It was a please moment and i would like to know about the features of the Same also i would like to know about Bharani Ashramam and its features.

I request any one of us to explain the same.

thanks and regards

Naresh Kumar
Oh U have done a nice thing.
It is a process by which the Acharya inintiates you into the family of vaishnavas in a deeper sense. The sangu chakra emblems embossed on the shoulders are indicative of prosperity and warding off all evils respectively.
you are supposed to live a good and astere life accepting Mahavishnu as the supreme lord.
bharanyasam means totsal self surrender to mahavishnu. bharam is load nyasam is giving up or thyagam . the load is given up means the Lord takes the responsibility. and you have no burden of sins or even resposibilities.
Generally you are restricted in going to other temples and worshipping other manifestations as you have accepted the supremacy of maha vishnu and actually there is no need from flying one branch to another branch.
you are supposed to get ininitiation about the three rahasyas during initiation.
thiruvshtakharam the eight syllbals of the Lord
2 dwayam the ltwo lined manthram
3 charamaslokam in the 18th chapter of bhagavt gita.
Actually the manthram s should not be loudey told as it will not give the desired effect. you may get all this from rahsyathraya saram by swami desikan. And it is advised to go through a proper kalakshebam on this topic if it is convenient to you. Otherwise books will be givng the information.
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