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Sama Veda Upakarma 2010

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Thanks to P.R.Ramachander for this.

You can download it from the attachment below.

In 2010, Avani Avittam is observed on August 24, Tuesday. This ritual is called as Avani Avittam in Tamilnadu and Kerala; and Yajur Upakarma in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.


  • Sama Vedi Upakarmam.doc
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I am aware of 5 places where sama upakarma is being performed in Bangalore on 10/9/2010 (a) Kanchi Math Malleswaram (b) Ulsoor Someshwarapura temple 630am to 8am (c) Sundara Anjaneya Temple 100 Ft Road Indiranagar (d) Community Hall Jayanagar 3rd Block (e) Shankara Matha Basveshwara/Rajajinagar Contact person for (b) (c) and(d): Srikanth s/o Sri Anantakrishna sastrigal Tel No: 08025474813 Mobile No 9448040504 Email:[email protected] (a) and (e) Please lookup BSNL Telephone directory
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