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Saint Arunagirinathar -- Unknown Interesting Facts

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Saint Arunagirinatha was born in the village Mullundrum known as Praudhadeva Raya Puram. He came from a family of Gauda Brahmins originally from Varendra village in Rajashahi district in Bangladesh. They came some time during the 11th century. Arunagirinatha lived during the 15th century.

The family was known by the general name "Dindima Kavi", as they had the privilege of Dindima (a type of drum) played when they appeared in public.

Arunagirinatha was one of the greatest composers of India.

Arunagirinatha lived in a period where there were keen religious argument/wranglings. He mentions


Karma Kanda (Purva Mimansa)

Turushakas ( Tusharas? Please see

Tushara Kingdom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Mayavadins (Sankarcharya's followers)

The followers of Kapila and Kanda (Sankhya/Yoga)

Vamamarga ( Sakthas)

Bhiravas (Shaivas)

(The term in brackets is my explanation)

These facts are from an article by Sri. N.S. Ramachandran, Former Dean, Faculty of Music and Fine Arts, University of Delhi, Delhi.

Unfortunately the religious history of India is a neglected field.
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