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Sad Bhavana!

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Sadh Bhavana!

Dear Sirs,

Sadh Bhavana - Good attitude

Could elders of this e-society kindly shed the lights of knowledge on the above topic.

I implore you all to contribute willingly,as this will drive many mis-conceptions on our religion and faiths and improve the understandings.

(Mr. Vijisesh, a special request to you, please ask the "Fully learned Pundits" (can I say Pandits - no ill intention of doing a word war believe me.) of this e-portal to contribute . But if they are in "Nirvikalpa Samadhi" you don't have to disturb them. Anyway you are not going to take more than than 2 cups of free advise so please don't bother to awake them.)

Thank you

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Pl try and change the title either " Sath Bhavana " or " Sadh Bhavana ",
this one reads " Sad " , not apt here !!
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Dear Malgovaji and Vijiseshji,
First of all let us stop this practice of satirical war of words before anyone
could start posting their views on the captioned subject. Let us, please,
make it a SathForum by exercising self-restraint.
Although I agree with your correct approach we should not be bounded by rationalities in approach if we have a mission of Sadhbavana. As it is an attitude that may be lead to Good action it is positive and secular in every sense.
Seeing the developing political scene and anti-brahminism it looks like a preaching of Jesus or a leaf form BhagvatGita."When you are in Rome do as Romans do" So this attitude when gets a translation into action meets rebuffs.
When the political pundits covet for Artha and Kama as seen in the news every other day How Dharma aspect of sadhbavana can be implemented?
Muslims live in our society as "the water droplet on the Lotus leaf" They created a chasm in the society by following "monism".Multilateral approach of the Hindus and specially Tamil brahmins who are minority in this world of democratic majority of numbers cannot have voice over others unless a Bharathi is reborn or such a situation like freedom struggle develops.
Here I am reminded of the words of Mao in his Redbook " Out of confusion is born clarity" Sadhbavan in the lips is different from what is really observed. Fundamentalism in every religion is getting sustained by retrograde thinking and those who fear their recognised existence if new methods are adopted.
I am interested in a lengthy discussion on this subject to create clearer steps.
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Not open for further replies.

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