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saambu joke....

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saambu returns from London. asks wife with a beam in eyes: "adiye, vembu, do i look like a foreigner?" vembu says, "no, you don't...." saambu says: " onnume theriyale onakku. in London, some people said, 'sir, you look like a foreigner'....." :laugh:

london also means cuckoose ,my kadi joke :) :)
a good re-joinder, that one!

a good one, ha-ha-ha (lol) -- yes, i have heard it said that in the 1940's, in derision and jest at the Bilathees' expense (i don't know how the Brit came to be spoken of as 'bilayathee'!) the generation above us used to refer to London as 'toilet'-place, as you have mentioned! hope saambu&vembu don't know that! (though Devan&Kalki, two greats among the humourists of those times, would definitely have known that, and perhaps used that somewhere or other!)
a nice joke that..

reminds me another one read in internet.

A communist leader goes to US.(Capitalist country- totally opposed to communism).

On landing at US, he calls his host near and pointing to something he happily tells " Communism is spreading to the whole world. In America also it has spread. I am very happy..."

The host looks at the spot indicated by the communist leader.

there it is written as " ARRIVAL"

The leader has read it as "arivaal" அரிவாள் - the symbol of leftists.
Santa - "Sir, What is the time ?"
Banta - "It is 02:00 p.m.
Santa - "Since morning I have asked the same question to five persons, and all have given different answers ":boom:
Santa - "Sir, where is the other side of the road"
Banta - "On the Opposite Side "
Santa - "I asked a person over there and he had sent me here"
..after reading the above two (excellent jokes - great humour) jokes, saambu comments, " checche....enna manushaal, vevasthaye kedayathu, ovvoru nerathile vera vera mathiriya pesaran, ippo onnu, appramaa innonnu....." rj
'famous four' jokes.

Our four friends start petrol pump. No customer. Why? Petro pump is on first floor!
So, they decide to start a restaurant on that floor. No customer. Why? They did not change the board "PetrolPump"!
Okay, then: they start a taxi service, with the car they bought. No customer. Why? They are looking for customer (savaari), with two of them sitting in the front and two in the rear passenger seats!
The car has a breakdown. The four of them push the car. Car does not move at all. Why? Two pushing from front, and, two from the back!
"ennayya vazhaikkai bajji pottirukke, ulle vazhakkaye kaanome..."
"....enna saar, mysore bonda kudutha, athukkulle mysorai theduveenga polirukke...."
"Who is your fav football player?"
"It's Wesley Sneijder....."
"What spelling?"
"spelling?....hahaha, i fooled you: it's actually Kaka!"
A man walking in the cetral park of New York suddenly sees a Bull dog attacking a little girl. He fights & kills the dog and saves the girl
A police man watching the scene goes over and tells him You are a hero and it will all be in Papers tomorrow" Brave New Yorker saves the life of a little Girl" I am not a new yorker.Then it will be brave American saves a little girl But I am not an American. Oh what are you then? I am Pakistani The next day News flash" Extremist Kills Innocent American Dog" Jambu :cheer2:

This was forwarded to me and I enjoyed
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