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S Chandrasekhar - Man of Science

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Recently I happened to read the book "S.Chandrasekhar- Man of Science" edited by his niece Radhika Ramnath. It is not a biography but a collection of his essays and lectures and reminiscences by his family members who had known him closely. The breadth and depth of vision and knowledge of the Nobel laureate and one of the greatest astrophysicist of his time comes out as outstanding. His interests extended far beyond science in to the fields of art,literature and music. When I say interst it is not just the superficial but as intense as his passion for science. Yes that is Professor Chandrasekhar - he was passionate about whatever field he took interest in.

Most of the essays included in this book talks about motivation and creativity. He draws deeply from the lives and works of giants in the field of science, art,literature,music like Newton,Michelengelo,Beethoven, Turgenev.

Reminiscences by his family members bring out the person he was.

A great book. It is amazing how hight the minds of tinkers can soar!!!!!
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