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Russian Names with Indian Origin.

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Russian Names with Indian Origin.

Mitrova - Russian town name = Mitra - Vedic deity
Agnova - Russian surname = Agni - Vedic deity
Purvova - Rus. name = Purva - Eng. East
Vedova - Netherland , Russian name = Veda
Ravova - Serbian name = Ravi - Sun
Devova - Rus. name = Deva
Indrova - Czech name = Indra - Vedic & Puranic Hindu God
Meneka - Czech name = Menaka - famous Apsara of Puranas
Dasova - Cz. surname = Das - servant ( and Dravidians as per obsolete AIT )
Rambova - Rus. female name = Rambha - famous Apsara of Puranas
Brugov - Male German name = Bhrigu - famous Vedic rishi on whose name ancient & historical seaport Bhrigukachch ( or current Bharuch ) is named
Slastikov, Slastik - Rus.,Polish name = Swastik - Hindu sign dating IVC
Mantrov, Mantrova - Rus. name = Mantra
Havanova - Rus. name = Havan - Vedic Firepit or Vedic Fire ritual ( a major Hindu practice even today )
Yamnova - Rus. name = Yamuna - famous & big Indian river
Gargova - Rus. name = Garg - Vedic rishi or a Hindu surname finding lineage from Rishi Garg
Mudrova - Rus. name = Mudra
Durgova - Rus., Bulgarian female name = Durga - Hindu female God from Three major Goddess who represent different aspects of virtues. And, wife of Hindu trinity Shiva.
Gangova - Croatian name = Ganga - Ganga river's name or Eng. Ganges river
Parvatova - Rus. female name = Parvati - origianl name of Durga - Hindu female goddess
Shaktova - Rus. surname = Shakti - Eng. Energy. - Hindu Shaktism
Kaspova,Kashapova - Rus. surname = Kashyapa - Vedic & Puranic rishi who is told to go to far Northern countries to India. Name Kashmir , Caspian etc. is told to derive from his name.
Agatsova - Rus. surname = Agastya - Vedic Rishi
Rudrova - Rus., Cz. name = Rudra - Vedic God and other name of Shiva
Gitova - Rus. surname = Gita - associated with Bhagvad Gita
Omsk - Rus. city = Aum or Om - famous Hindu symbol
Minsk - Rus. city = Min - Skt. word meaning fish
Novosibirsk - Rus. city = Nava Shibir - Skt. word meaning New Settlement.
Commaneci= komanam + aachi=komanacchi.

mean good work - i like this kind of research

mean good work - i like this kind of research

ok,i will thank my friend on behalf of you,who emiled it to me,becoz he knows i am passionate about my vision.my scripture is bhagavath gita.i chumma love reading the lords advice to shri arjuna.

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