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rushdie and the jaipur literary fair

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As we were immersed in the depth of our own teapot storm, there was a bigger one occurring in jaipur.

The annual jaipur literary fair, is now world famous. Attracting authors, publishers and book sellers from the world over.

It is but natural, to invite one of india’s sons to present the keynote address for this year. Except his name is salman rushdie.

The folks in the Islamic seminary at deoband, were approached by the organizers, and were in a protracted discussion. But no, these guys, adamant, promised to separate rushdie’s head from his body, mostly through proxy agencies, courtesy of dawood Ibrahim. Or so I hear. Deobandites obviously do not believe in the freedom of speech, or ‘thou shall not kill’ commandment.

No matter what, most people, I bet, at deoband have not read satanic verses, and even the now defunct edict of an Iranian ayatollah, long departed, was now going to be resuscitated to cause more mischief.

So, as a result, rushdie, is still delivering the keynote address, but via video.

All the political parties, have blood on their hands for riots and blood letting, and I guess, they did not want the blood of rushdie too to soil their already contaminated bodies and souls. They kept quiet.

It is a shame for india. And I am not the only one to think such.

rushdie no show at jaipur
And thats the reason I wrote the post - freedom/free speech is eternal..."

The moment we start giving support to people that this is hurting religious sentiments, there is NO stopping this. for every thing, they will oppose.

I also heard that our Indian govt has protested against Jay Leno becos he joked that Romney goes to Golden Temple for vacation. what a bizzare, crap govt we have !! - what religous sentiments are hurt becos this - LOL !!
Even the video chat was not allowed.

1. The organisers say they were pinned against the wall.
2. The owner of the hall says he was warned by the police that there were protesters in the audience and inside the hall and so his property ill be damaged.
3. Salman rushdie says he was given the names of three underground dons who were after his head, but now finds that they are bogus names. Means police will not take any action if he files a complaint.
4. The rajastan goverment says that they had indicated a threat perception but no actual threat warning.
5. The maharashtra government says they have no intelligence reports of any threat to anybody,
6. The organisers if the four who read excerpts do not leave, they and the four poets will be arrested and the conference will have to close.
7. Sheila pundit welcomes rushdie to delhi for a holiday.
8. Leader of a muslim outfit says he does not like the face of salman and will smash it if he gets a chance.

Enough material for a fast paced novel.
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