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Rules of life of our bare footed ancestors

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Dear Friends,

The following are the rules to be followed in a day to day life of a Brahmin:-

He should wakeup during the Brahma Muhurtha (4.30 AM) . As soon as he wakes up he should take a stock of
1.The actions we did yesterday.
2. The money we earned by just means
3. The actions that we plan to do today.
4. How we are going to earn money today.
5. How we have to behave so that we do not hurt others. And
6.The efforts involved in doing the duties.
And then we should think of God.

He should then answer the calls of nature in a place outside the village without causing any pollution to homes, fields and places of spiritual importance. While doing so the Yagnopavitha should be taken out of the usual place and hung in one’s ears. Then he has to clean ourselves several times with mud. We should also gargle and spit several times followed by Aachamana. Then we should clean our teeth and take bath .After this he should wear the cloth as prescribed and wear marks of Gobicchandana or Sacred ash as per the custom of his clan. After this he has to do Pratha Sandhya Vandana, followed by Oupasana and Vaiswadeva homa followed by worship of Gods like Shiva, Vishnu or Brahma. After this he has to do Madhyahneeka, Brahma Yagna and feed a stranger and then take meals. The after noons has to be spent in learning Vedas or chanting Vedas or Teaching Vedas. In the dusk , he has to again do Sandhya Vandana and retire for sleep.
Each of these actions have to be done according to certain rules. These rules are given in the second chapter called “Ahneeka Dharma Prakarana” of the great book Samkshepa Dharma shasthram. The detailed translation of this part has been completed and is available in
under the heading “day to day Dharma of a Brahmin”.
I clearly understand that these rules even to a minor extent are impossible to follow by 99.99 % of our people. But reading this would give them an idea as to what is expected out of a Brahmin. I have a humble request. If you have time please do read them. These were those great people who following all these rules contributed to the number theory., Trigonometry, Astronomy, Diplomacy, thought about aeronautical engineering and gave detailed maps of aero planes, were the founders of a unique system of medicine which included surgery not only to human beings but also to animals and trees, Writing of gigantic epics and so on. Can any of us working for 24 hours without break blessed with lots and lots of sophisticated instruments do even a fraction of what those bare footed geniuses did. I believe that there is some thing we still do not know about them.
With best wishes,
sri Ramachsnderji, good posting, Rules of life is something different. But Wake up in Brahma Muhurtham is 3.AM. That is the best time to do meditation. And every one started analyse every day happenings in the morning is will lead to start a bad day, so best to analyse before going to bed. S.R.K.
Brahma Muhurtham

According to Shastras, Brahma muhurta is (approximately) 1.5 hours before sun rise ,said by Mahaswamigal Of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham.

The ideal time for engaging oneself in meditation
is Brahma Muhurtham, that is, the period commencing
at 3 a.m. and ending with 6 a.m. early in the morning.
Brahma Muhurtham literally means the time of
Brahman. You must choose a fixed time for meditation
during the Brahma Muhurtham and meditate regularly
at the same time every day,said by Bhagavan Sathya Sai Baba.

Brahma Muhurtham:=Brahman's Time(Nirguna or Saguna Brahman's Time);Muhurtha=48 Minutes which varies according to Sun Rise to Sun Rise which was considered by our Sanathana Dharma = One Day.Even amongst Sanathana Dharma,there were people who considered Sunset to Sunset as one day.

A period of the day is called by the ancient Rishis as the “Hour of Brahman” -- Brahma muhurtha. In the early hours of the morning sandhya, the sky emits a pale bluish light or halo in the east. These Bluish rays coming from the east contain subtle awakening magnetism(Akarshana Shakthi), which affects the brain. These dawn rays of a bluish hue have also got a soothing effect on the body. Also, the morning air is fully charged with Prana or vital energy( less pollutants in the air). This living electricity is what the body cells require for sustaining good health. This Prana is what the Yogi requires for charging his six Yogic centers during the Sandhya Vandana of Gayathri.

The hour of Brahman is specially selected for Gayathri worship since at that hour the air is heavily charged with Prana and also the Sun's awakening rays of an electric blue radiate from the east before the physical Sun emerges form the horizon.

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