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Rudram and Chamakam Chanted in China

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Do you know Rudram and chamakam were chanted in China when Dhurvasar visited China? Yes Durvasu visited China and spread Yajur Veda. (Source Journal of American Oriental Society , Yale University U.S.A. 1929Journal of American Oriental Society , Yale University U.S.A. 1929)
hello RC sir ,your new thread is too good to read about ,but my doubt is that if they happen to know the values of the precious vedham ,then, why are the people in china look us, INDIA as a rival country and all hidden ideas to make a down fall of our nation in what all the available fields .(I feel my POV is their attitude or situation , & i hope i dnt divert the thread )
I am going to ignore the previous posting, and continue with this interesting topic. I can only add that Thiruppavai and Thiruvembavai are continued to be chanted before the King in Thailand.
mr MR, its a good attitude to come out with what we feel ,but then as saying A SPADE IS A SPADE tone does not sound well, being a public media for communication. since mr RC ,had started this new thread which was a new topic and makes every one look into it. well as you had come out with this topic of other version does not mean mr.RC thread is not so .try to refrain your words before you type.(I REQUEST THE CONCERN ADMIN PERSONS TO GO THROUGH AND EDIT THE HURTING ,UNWANTED& SNUBISH SORT WORDS AS YOU HAVE THE RIGHTS TO DO SO)
Journal of American Oriental Society , Yale University U.S.A. 1929Journal of American Oriental Society , Yale University U.S.A. 1929, is available with University Library Chennai, and with Oriental Manuscript Library Chennai. Please visit that libraries and read the text.

The whole history of ll Vedic Rishis were written in my PhD thesis. The Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology has the background from Subramanya in BCE 550. The treatment given to kings on those days were recorded and the manuscript was writen by Brahmins from Tiruvaiyaru. Each and every sentence in my thesis has foot notes and thousands of books were refereed.Chinese people followed the same rituals as in South India, and when Buddhism spread the Vedas were shown the out door.There are inscription as Mohanjadharo seals that gives more evidences. It also speaks about a meteorite that fallen on Meru.

Since India was under the influence of religious fights and fight among kingdoms brahmins were chasten away, and converted all other faiths. The Brahmans were hiding in forest to save themselves. India was spoiled when religion ruled the country. When temples were collecting taxes and as banker they lent money, collected interest, the business men pawned their family under temple and borrowed money from temples for trading everything spoiled. Kings donated land for cultivation and herbal and hospitals were opened in temples, all medicines were given at free of cost, as the kingdom needed warriors to fight and muscle power ruled the country everything spoiled!!

Hope you will give me some time, after which I can share all my thesis and findings with you. Since it is for a degree PhD., I am sure you will permit me. Is any of our members in Bhubaneswar? They can attend my PhD viva-voce which I hope in Mid July.2012.
A laudable effort. But the system of things in the US has a knack of highlighting the abrasive things to use against others. You cannot have proof for that. The result will be visible for those who can see. Anything good for this glorifying Bharat Varsha and here nobody wants to slight others.
I am rather surprised by Iyyarooraan's response. Some of the finest studies in Indology come from Western scholars, who are unbiased by British conditioning. Even the British have done some amazing studies; case in point, the Story of India, a BBC series which looked at the development in ideas and culture in India from the dawn of civilization to the present day.
Opinions differ. Of course, others brought out things for others to read and know. India had not been writing history or any research papers. Vedas have to come to us by 'karnaparampara' and the good number of Indians are proud of it. You should agree that Indians are the best people to follow because of their native wisdom. The efforts of others have not drawn us into living the ancient life. But we are here on our own wisdom. India has to learn only the style of science that developed after the 19th century. And I think that was necessitated because we left our moorings and started appreciating every thing that was West. We are all living the same style of life; only we have changed our tools.
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