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RSS Chief questions Mother Theresa's intention

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Mother Theresa is a maverick missionary..She took money from dictators..She was an agent for conversion...She glorified the sick people instead of treating them...During the numerous floods in India or the Bhopal Gas tragedy she did not bother to provide monetary aid.....At best she gave them a Mary medal...Even her beatification was based on phony miracles...All the above accusations may be true or partially true..

But her service for the cause of humanity is unquestionable! Really appreciate her work among the poor and destitute people of Calcutta slums..

[h=1]Mother Teresa’s aim was conversion, says Bhagwat[/h]

Aarti Dhar [h=2]"If conversion is done in the name of service, then that service gets devalued," says the RSS chief[/h]
The Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat on Monday cast aspersions on the services of Mother Teresa by saying that conversion to Christianity was the main objective behind her service to the poor.
“Mother Teresa’s service would have been good. But it used to have one objective, to convert the person, who was being served, into a Christian,” he said while speaking at a function organised near Bharatpur by NGO Apna Ghar. “The question is not about conversion but if this [conversion] is done in the name of service, then that service gets devalued,” he said. “But here [at the NGO], the objective is purely service of poor and helpless people,” Mr Bhagwat added.

Mother Teresa?s aim was conversion, says Bhagwat - The Hindu
This is what he said, as per RSS sources. Only a video recording of his speech will clear the air. Benefit of doubt must be given to RSS because the media has misreported and mischievously reported all along especially with hindu outfits. Full speech will eventually be published.


"RSS said the statement was mis-attributed.

"Media reporting wrongly. At Bharatpur Ex DG BSF said that Mother Teresa did Seva with motive of conversion," said a tweet on RSS' official Twitter handle.
"In reply Bhagavatji said, 'let Mother Teresa know her motive for Seva, we do Seva without expecting any returns' Dr M Vaidya," said another tweet.
MK Gandhi, Mother Theresa, and Amartya sen have to face truth about them coming out. Lies peddled till now in the secular media will be undone in the social media.
They never do. Ex army chief Singh has named it prestitute, modi call them newsreaders. Social media is a big blessing for Hindus and Jews, as untruth is exposed in days.

Mother Theresa has said in an interview that she is devout Catholic, will always support church as it is doing god's work, in short a christian fundamentalist, if she is judged the same way as Hindu religious heads are pilloried.

media has to check before reporting. - srinivasan


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[h=1]The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice[COLOR=#555555 !important]Paperback [COLOR=#555555 !important]– April 10, 2012[/COLOR][/h][/COLOR]
by Christopher Hitchens

Whether you read the above book or not, please read the customer reviews in Amazon.


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media has to check before reporting. - srinivasan

You have been on this site long enough to know most of the posters. Do you think there is a chance that some one other than RSS sanctioned person will get recognition? WE shoot first and then ask questions later. Post#3 is the prime example of this.

I personally knew Mother Theresa. We had run in with her as one of her leper colony was very close to our colony. We took her to court to move the colony, but lost.
I admired her for her dedication to the poor, and the service she and her nuns provided to the lepers. We on the other hand would throw some money at the lepers on any given day. I do not care about her religion or her conversions. I do not think the lepers cared either. The lepers were outcast before conversion and remained outcast after conversion. I do not think they understood the significance of religion.
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From #7 it is clear that m.theresa was in the business of conversion in addition to service. Straight from resident tb/hindu/rss basher. What Bhagavatji said in his speech is very significant in this context. 'let Mother Teresa know her motive for Seva, we do Seva without expecting any returns'

Good and bad qualities and behaviour of mother theresa is not the issue discussed. She was doing x service with y money received and converted z souls. Less said about the money inflow and expenditure and the trust, the better for all.
Mother Teresa to Navin Chawla "I am not a social worker. I serve Jesus & my job is to spread the word of Christianity"

She has never hidden her agenda.


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There are armchair RSS supporters who spout their mouth on this site. Criticizing great individuals and their physical, financial resources for the betterment of total strangers.
These individuals can't hold a candle to these great human beings.

Simply braying at the moon. LOL
Back to usual abuse mongering. Theresa had taken a vow to convert Hindus and confessed several times in various forums and interviews. True or false?


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In spite of the presence of "hate-everything other than RSS" gang, I think the silent majority comes to the TB site for information and exchange of views. Like Sudheswarji said let us share our knowledge.

Here is an article refuting the RSS claims about Mother Theresa. I do not worship any human, but I admire any great human beings. Unlike some here I do not try to drag down everyone.
I admire the dedication and sacrifice of these great people.
Mother Teresa above religion: Missionaries of Charity - The Hindu

Disapproving the remarks made by Rashtriya Swayamswevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat associating Mother Teresa’s objective while serving the poor as conversion, close associate of Mother Teresa and spokesperson of Missionaries of Charity Sunita Kumar said that it is wrong to drag her name in discourse of religious conversion.

“No one is going to believe what they (RSS) said. Mother Teresa was above religion. All what Mother worked for was service of humanity and peace in society. There is no scope for any kind of religious conversion in Missionaries of Charity,” Ms. Kumar told The Hindu on Tuesday.

Ms. Kumar said that after Mother Teresa walked out the Loreto Convent, she set up Missionaries of Charity to work for the poor. “Now it is unfortunate and sad that she is accused of conversion,” she added. She also recounted how Mother Teresa walked on the streets of the city after the 1992 riots following the demolition of Babri Masjid to ensure peace.

Ms. Kumar, who was associated with Mother Teresa for more than three decades before she died, said that her only aim was humanitarian work and service to the poor. Referring to her association with Mother Teresa, she said that she is a Sikh by faith and that never came in the way in working with her working with Mother.

“In fact, there are regular all faith meeting at the Missionaries of Charity, you walk into any centre of Missionaries and you will find peace” she said. Mother Teresa, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1979, died on September 5, 1997. She is now referred Blessed Teresa of Calcutta — a step away from being declared a saint, Ms. Kumar added.


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Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday criticised RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat for his comments on Mother Teresa, saying she was a “noble soul” and should be spared.


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Risingfury's comment:

Let's assume that Mother Teresas motive was to convert. Why would anyone leave her country, her family, never get married, roam in the streets of an Indian town in search of destitutes, in search of people who are not accepted even in the mortuaries, people whom we as individuals will even not like to think about, why? Why? Because of her belief that the very God who created her, created that destitute. Can Mr. Bhagwat has the guts to think like her leave aside do like her. Mr. Bhagwat admit it, you do not have that beleif system. Hence you can never think of doing what she did. Do not politicise the great works of noble people's irrespective of the motives if people are getting saved. I dare you to undertake this level of commitment and then make insecure statements.

Rajneesh Sharma's comment:
Religion is always meant to serve humanity regardless of anyone's personal motives. Mother Teresa and its institutions had given much more than Mohan Bhagwat or its Hindutva can or could give even to Hindus or any other religion. If the evils of one religion was not so predominant, no conversion could be possible. Be it hindu to muslim, hindu to Christian or vice versa. Need of time this not to dig in to past but to revisit our religion and correct it to serve humanity.

Mother Teresa a noble soul, please spare her: Kejriwal - The Hindu
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There are several grounds to deplore Mr Bhagwat’s remarks. He has not only criticised Mother Teresa without so much offering a hint of evidence about her activities but has in effect stigmatised an established religious order that continues to serve the poor while retaining its share of admirers the world over.

Anyone is well within their right to criticise Mother Teresa — who after all had her share of detractors — but Mr Bhagwat’s failure to understand the import of his remarks in the context of the recent attacks on churches is highly regrettable.
The Christian community has been living in a state of uncertainty following the attacks on churches in recent months. When you have a situation in the capital where armed guards are placed in some churches for protection, critical remarks from the leader of a powerful organisation about the intentions of iconic Christian figures is bound to reinforce fears.
Mr Bhagwat’s comments do little to encourage RSS cadres to have a more peaceable outlook towards minorities.
Mr Bhagwat’s remarks also do a great disservice to Prime Minister Narendra Modi as they significantly undermine his recent assurances to minorities. The PM recently praised Kuriakose Elias Chavara and Rosa Eluvathingal, two Christian figures elevated to sainthood, as “shining examples of dedication to God through selfless service for the betterment of mankind”.
The discordance between the PM’s message and Mr Bhagwat casting aspersions on another beatified figure less than 10 days later will continue to generate doubts about the establishment’s approach to minorities. The RSS should realise that such perceptions will ultimately have political ramifications that will be damaging to the BJP and hurt the PM’s image, both at home and abroad.
Bhagwat's comments on Mother Teresa undermine PM's assurances to minorities


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Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat should step out of the Spartan but well protected confines of the organisation’s Nagpur headquarters and pay a visit to Nirmal Hriday, the Missionaries of Charity’s home for Kolkata’s dying destitutes. Or Bhagwat could walk into the sprawling Prem Daan situated in Park Circus, one of Kolkata’s most squalid areas, or even Prem Nivas, a leper colony on the outskirts of the city.

At these and several other MoC hospices, homes for orphans, schools for street children and care centres for the mentally retarded across Kolkata, hundreds of nuns work selflessly under heavy odds and appalling conditions among the city’s most unfortunate and wretched souls.

Such visits, if he has the heart to undertake them, might not change his worldview according to which the main objective of the deeply revered Mother Teresa, the saint of the gutter, was to convert the poorest of the poor.

Compare Saint Teresa’s legacy with that of the RSS’s. The RSS, which prides itself as an organisation committed to social service and of course its characteristic brand of Hindutva runs a network of Vanavasi Kalyan Kendras whose main task is to prevent Christian missionaries from converting tribal people living in states such as Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and parts of West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh.

Bhagwat?s missionary position: Will RSS give up its divisive agenda to work for the poorest of the poor? - TOI Blogs


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i wonder what is there to even debate?

Its a known fact that those from Abrahmic religions have conversion as a motive in whatever they do.

And we Hindus are of 2 types:

1)Either we are selfless and totally Karmanyevadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kadacana

2)Or the types who totally do not care for others who are down trodden..sick etc and assigned everything to Karma and just totally be aloof and attached to Inaction.

But whatever said and done..they are many Hindu Saints/Gurus/Godmen who have helped the down trodden and poor much more that Mother Theresa without CONVERSION but we Hindus love to call these types of Saints/Gurus/Godmen as FRAUD.

So where does the fault lie?

Its ourselves to blame..other religions pick up the flaws in our own Religion and work on it to get many converts.

The poor on the other hand are too hungry to bother about religion..so for them all they see is survival.

Instead of Ghar Wapsi to just get namesake converts..its high time we Hindus look into the flaws of our own religion and rectify it to make Hinduism user friendly sans prejudice.
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The English News channel are unnecessarily giving too much of importance to the comments made by a RSS functionary.

There is always a different opinion on religious matters.

But, are Christian Missionaries working in Islamic Countries?


So far our Hindu religious leaders were doing service without Conversions (Ghar vapasi) in mind.But now with the establishment of a pro right regime the preachers should follow Mother Theresa by mixing social service and conversions..It should not be a matter of concern to the left liberals
RSS service and mother theresa charity: one example

RSS volunteers were one of the earliest voluntary assist groups in any calamity - bhopal tragedy, rail accident in bihar, chennai central train bomb, building collapse in chennai, and they did without seeking (of course media was careful to ignore and bury report) credit or exposure or laurels. Read theresa's reaction on bhopal tragedy; no need to stress that missionary charity did not do anything, but theresa's comment was appalling.

Let us take just one instance for comparison. On the night of 2 December 1984 at Bhopal, methyl isocyanate (MIC) leaked and created the world’s worst industrial disaster. Within the close circles of the RSS, one hears occasionally about how swayamsevaks managed to reach there along with the Indian Army and how they braved the gas leak and helped the victims. They toiled hard to restore the collapsing water and sanitation facilities. They repaired latrines. They removed the dead bodies and helped the bereaved identify the dead ones. The boys in half pants who were medical students came from Agra, camped at Bhopal and offered round-the-clock service to the affected people. All these one could hear in Sangh circles and read in Sanghi literature. But are there any documents? Any photographs? The usual answer one gets in the Sangh circles: ‘Serving our brothers in times of calamity is our duty. And one does not document what one does to one’s own brother.’

And theresa:

Question: Where would you place the magnitude of the Bhopal tragedy among the many having experienced by you?
Teresa: I never compare. Each one has its own dimension and effect.
How has the tragedy affected you?
— We are so excited because it has affected us. No one thinks of millions of abortions taking place all over.
Do you have any special feelings for pregnant mothers with whom their unborn kids also died?
— It was an accident; the mothers died, so, the children also died. (Dateline Bhopal, p 52)

Undoubtedly RSS do a wonderful job of community service.

Specially when there are natural calamities like earth quake or flooding or disasters like bhopal disaster they do a commendable jpb of community service.

However I do not subscribe to their view of conversions and ghar vapasi.

They are welcome to preach their religion without attacking other religions or those preaching that.

They will be responsible for unpopularity and fall of modi govt which has intentions of economic development thru their irresposible remarks inviting global wrath.
Snap shot on theresa media debate:

Governance, anti-corruption, hindutva are the three legs of the nda government. All the legs have to grow in the same proportion for a stable government: Subramanyan Swamy
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