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Roles in Heaven

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Roles in Heaven:

Brahma - Systems Installation
Vishnu - Systems Administration & Support
Lakshmi - Finance and Accounts consultant
Saraswati - Training and Knowledge Management
Shiva - DBA (Crash Specialist)
Ganesh - Quality Assuarance & Documentation
Narada - Data transfer
Yama - Reorganization & Downsizing Consultant
Chitragupta - IDP & Personal Records
Apsaras - Downloadable Viruses
Devas - Mainframe Programmers
Surya - Solaris Administrator
Rakshasas - In house Hackers
Ravan - Internet Explorer WWWF
Kumbhakarnan - Zombie Process
Lakshman - Support Software and Backup
Hanuman - Linux/s390
Vaali - MS Windows
Sugreeva - DOS
Jatayu - Firewall
Dronacharya - System Programmer
Vishwamitra - Sr. Manager Projects
Shakuni - Annual appraisal & Promotion
Valmiki - Technical Writer (Ramayana Sign off document)
Krishna - SDLC ( Sudarshan Wheel Development Life Cycle )
Dharmaraj Yudhishthira - ISO Consultant (CMM level 5)
Arjun - Lead Programmer (all companies are vying for him)
Abhimanyu - Trainee Programmer
Draupadi - Motivation & Team building
Duryodhana - Microsoft product Written in VB
Karna - Contract programmer
Dhrutarashtra - Visual C++
Gandhari - Dreamweaver
100 Kauravas - Microsoft Service Packs and patches

Not open for further replies.

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