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Role of Brahmins in Society

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thanks mr.eswaran

thanks a lot mr.eswaran.

how ungrateful the rest of the people of India are in having turned against the brahmins who gave them dignity , prosperity and independence.

When and how will this change???
brahmins role in integrating the society


From the article I am reproducing the lines here :
But far more important was the Brahmin contribution to the integration of
society. So influenced are we by the British view of our past that we
completely ignore the fact that the principle by which the Brahmins
achieved the integration of various tribes and communities was unique in
world history. This was perhaps the only case where all incoming groups were
accommodated on their own terms. All aspects of their beliefs and behaviour
patterns were accepted as legitimate and no attempt was made to compel them
to surrender or change their distinctive lifestyles. Each group was left to
evolve and change according to its internal rhythm. What a contrast to the
Christian method of conversion by the sword and their efforts to obliterate
all traces of the previous history of all converts.

Elsewhere I had wondered whether brahmins divided or integrated the people?

I am glad that I got some answers today. Thanks again Mr.Eswaran.
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The state of the Purohits

Eswaran sir,
Thanks for posting this. It is an excellent article.
The plight of Purohits, Gurukkals, Cooks, unorganised sector among brahmins is really worrying.
Most of us dont mind spending Rs100 for a cinema ticket or a hair cut, but think twice before dropping a Rs10 note in the plate of a gurukkal.

Its a real eye opener.

With regards,
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