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What are the rituals performed during upanayanam

I heard nowadays instead of shaving the head during upanayanam there is a mantra for not shaving the head.is it true.

I know about the following rituals.

1. Udhagasanthi
2. Nandhi
3. Brahmopadesam
4. Kumarabojanam

What other rituals are there for Upanayanam
hi all,

The Upanayana samskaaram includes receiving the sacred thread (yagnopaveeta
), the last meal with the mother (pankti bhojanam), shaving the head as a
symbol of giving up egos (vapanam), bachelorhood dress attiring (vatu vastra
), initiation into the Gayatri Mantra (brahmoepadesam; Gayatri
mantroepadesam), the teacher taking assurances from the student to perform duties of
brahmacharya regularly with devotion (guroerupadesam and shishya vignaapanam), holy
fire sacrifice (samidaadaanam; homam) etc. The ceremony ends with bhikshaatanam and
the blessings of the elders (aaseervaadam). The student during his entire life of
brahmacharya has to adequately raise the satvic food (food mild on stomach-vegetarian)
through alms, as mendicants do, for him and his guru, just enough for the day. This is
called Bhikshaatanam and the first bhiksha (giving alms) is by the mother at the
upanayana ceremony.

for upanayanam first anugnai=Permission. then ganapathy pooja; graha preethi; Udhakashanthi japam punyahavachanam;5paaligai oshadhi sooktha japam;=angurarpanam;5 paaligai sudhyartham punyahavachanam;then prathisarabandham=Manthra japam then manjal nool knotted in the right hand;kanganam katti kondaivittathu;then naandhi; then anugnai ;ganapathy pooja;kumara bhojanam; choulam=vapanam; homam ;jayathi homam; choulam =kudumi vaipathuenru artham; permission; ganapathy pooja;punyahavachanam to purify poonal; upanayanam; ammi midhithal;megalai tharithal= dharpaienal moonru ilaygal idupil tharathal;maanthol tharithal;; upanayana homam;jayathi homam; yajur presha praayachitham;permission for brahmopadesam ;grahapreethi;palaasadhanda dhaaranam;aacharaya maanava paatam; brahmopadesam bhiksha charanam aasirvatham.On the fourth day permission ganapathy pooja punyagavachanam;pranava;sradha;madha devatha pooja stothram; new poonal dhandam megalai; maanthol should given to the vadoo.Then vasthra dhaanam to guru; now a days these pooja is done on the brahmopadesam day itself. Samithadhanam maadhyanikam . It is going like this.
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