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There was a discussion some time back whether marriage of
saha gotra girl and boy is permissible. Verious views were expressed
for and against the same. I have a doubt which is as follows:
In our brahmins marriage marriage rituals, first the bride's gothram is changed to that of the bridegroom. So the gril has switched over from her gotram to that of the boy"s. After this change over, the mangalya dharanam is done ?when the girl is supposed to have adopted the boy's gotram has she not become his sister? how a boy can marry his sister?
Memebers may please clarify this point.
Dear brother, I feel that many of earlier rituals were made with intention to built love and affection between gothrams and people. We later followed blindly the rituals without understanding the innermeaning . Also due to one reason or other we began to look other gothrams as upper grade or lower grade thus compartmentalising ourself. The idea of getting married to selected other gothrams were made. i think. to bring harmony between these gothrams.
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