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Review on Dasavathaaram

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to the best of my knowledge, the answer is yes.

veera vaishnavism and veera saivism were at odds in historical times ever since jainism was obileterated by the south, by the saivites. jainism was well spread throughout south, as has been evidenced by the discovery of numerous ruins all over tamil nadu these days.

it is said, that the vaigai in madurai flowed red with the blood of the jains, after the king converted to saivism, propagated by sekkizhar.

true, it is unbelievable today. but it could be due to the fact that we have multiplicity of religions around, and the saivite vaishnavite quarrel appears quaint.

still, there are pockets even today, where even vaishnavite vadakalai thenkalai do have strong differences. i have read the odd quarrels in the news, and i have heard that marriage alliance are treated the same way, as iyers treat our own sects, barring the chavundis, ofcourse.

also, i am yet to see an iyengar, with a viboothi, or visiting a saivite shrine. even in toronto, where we have one common hall for all our deities in our main temple in toronto, i have seen my iyengar friends, carefully skirt the saivite section and troop towards perumal.

iyers appear to have no such limitations.

i might be out of tune to the tone of the times, or may be exaggerating this. but this is my perception.

thank you.
Dear sri lotus-quartz & kunjuppu ji,

Having watched the movie , yesterday , i should say I was just waiting for some one to start a discussion about the movie !

As usual Kamal has shown his acting talent in diverse roles but didn't most of the make up look similiar and weren't the faces ( masks ) hanging all thru -- for me after seeing him in Indian , michael madana kamarajan etc etc , this movie was a true masala special !.
But the underlying theme ........ was kamal proving a point referring to the 12th century fights b/w the shiva and vishnu follower's... I thought i heard him say that GOD did not save the narayana bhaktha during that time , neither during old times , nor presently during tsunami !! ..sounds nathigam !!( may be i got it wrong !) ..and still whatsover , he also says HUMANS FIGHT B/w themselves to protect their beliefs about their own samayam , they belong ! and perish but the statues of GOD remain ...under the sea ???
But he has been keeping on saying " Anbe sivam " -- and now in this movie the song " Kallai Mattum Kandal " was good , implying " Faith is the ONE most important thing in the world !"
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