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Review of 'Cheeni Kum'.

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How could I be what you are describing me to be ? I only try to be in company of enlightened Maha Guroos hoping that some day I will be rescued from the abyss of ignorance.

Ghulam Ali ghazal mein kehte hain ..."Hum tere shahr mein aaye hain musafir ki tarah...."

[PS:SF:- Ghulam Ali is one of the best known Ghazal singers and has been at it for the last 40 odd years. He is of Pakistani origin but is equally popular in both sides of the border. In one of his ghazals, he sings .."I have come to your city like a visitor...."]

LQ Sahab,

I am such a donkey who didn't realise who i am. So you are light-years ahead of me.

Lead kindly light, O ! enlightened one !
My quest for a Guru, ends here, today.

Aaap hi ho mere guru,
Der kis baat ki, aap ho jao shuru

(You are my guru, without much ado, kindly start your guidance)

Without further monkeying about donkeying, i sign off.
Dear Suresh:

I still say you are wrong. Of course, Wikipedia, etc., defines 'perversion' but who are we to say what is perversion, what is infatuation?

This means you are calling millions of men in the US (now I see it is happening in India, too) who marry women 10+ years older than them!!

Suresh, if two adults can get together (as long as they are over 21) and do whatever they want to do ... as long as they don't hurt someone else or do illegal activities, I do not consider that anything. It is none of our business putting our noses in other peoples' affairs.

Dear Silverfox- If perversion is justified, even incest can be justified! oxford online dictionary defines incest as 'sexual relationship between 2 persons too close to marry' i.e. its like a brother marrying a sister! can this be accepted? IMHO, incest & perversion are one & the same in that both deviate from normal pattern. the difference is that incest is banned legally in some countries, whereas perversion (like marrying an elder woman) is not legally banned in any part of the world.

of course, it has been medically proved that close relations should not marry, as the offsprings coming out of such marriages prove to be deficient in many ways. but even here, there is a catch. suppose a brother & a sister say they will marry, but not have any offsprings what to do?

I think the word 'perversion' is not necessarily an abusive term. it only denotes a person who strays from a well established tradition. but over the years, it seems the word has acquired ultra negative & abusive connotations.
(believe it or not. wikipedia says even the word f*** was considered acceptable in 17th century!)

Having said this i do agree with you that we should not poke our nose in other peoples' affairs. i am also not imposing my views on anybody. i am just trying to present facts in proper perspective.
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