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Restoration of Ancient and dilapidated temples - In need of funds

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Please see this article in Hindu.

The Hindu : Friday Review Chennai / Religion : In need of funds

A non-Profit movement for restoration of dilapidated temples.

Home - A non profit movement to help dilapidated hindu temples

An appeal from Kali Village for restoration of old temples. About the village, the temples and the on going efforts.

Welcome to Kali Village, Tamil Nadu, India

See the Tamil Site


I request other members also to post news about such efforts.

And of course HELP.

Jai MAA !!!
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what is required is restoration of common sense.by importing oil,the islamic countires have become richer.the hindus in india are getting squeezed by all.the leaders are so inefficient there is no young blood as leaders.old archaic ancient old people are running the show.stop imprting oil.stop manufacturing of cars.stop being wimps.stop telling lies.stop corruption.stop judiciary from being ineffective.a casecan be one month long.not endless vaida.stop this exploitation.stop being divisive.think as one nation not many languages.let english be the inter-national language and national language hindi and regional language the mode of teaching in school,college.

valuable thread.
It is very heartening to know that some great souls are involved in many a old temples renovation and kumbhabhishekam. I saw an information some time back about such a holy effort. I will get that information and post the same here.

One more pleasant development is that the people in the villages wherein such ancient temples are situated are also forming a group among themselves and making serious efforts towards renovation.
The Kumbabhishekam of Sri Sivagamasundari Sametha Sri Sundareswarar Swami Temple, Pavattakudi, near Nannilam in Tiruvarur District, will be performed on August 27.


பாவட்டகுடி அருள்மிகு சிவகாமி அம்பாள் சமேத சுந்தரேச்வர சுவாமி திருக்கோயில்
நன்னிலம் வட்டம் திருவாருர் மாவட்டம்
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