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Reservation/Job opportunities

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I'm a new member and was going thru some of the earlier post. Its good to see there are people who cares of our community.
I have a suggestion. In our community we do matrimonial exchanges in a organized /unorganized way. We help each other in this in different ways which is good . In our community there are lot people in very good positons who can call the shots in employment/ get admissions in colleges . We can have 'employment/education bureau' like matrimonial exchanges. This will help lot of poor people in our community particularly who are in villages.

Second Its time not oppose reservations, its better we also demand reservations.

Third our current CM abuses brahmins day in day out. Its there way we can take legal action against him. Its bad even great newspapers like Hindu is turning deaf ears and never reports this in their newspaper
I dont think getting reservation for us is a solution. It cannot become true.If it becomes true it will be useless only. I guess the work around should be giving gud education for our future generation and educating all ppl in this issue. The day is not far when one BC questions 'why rich MBC shud get more benefits when a poor BC is getting a far less benefit'. I guess many mediocre ppl from all community share this view (giv based on economy). Only a few organisations which betray ppl are opposing it. I offen consider MK and JJ are cheaters based on a simple fact that they educate their children in gud English medium schools and preach Tamil medium schools for others. Many ppl know how handicap a guy is if he/she studies in Govt schools.If all get good education the competition will be more severe even if its 100% open competition than the present situation. So In my point its not only us who got hit by foolish policies.Its all.So this is never a solution.Never.Reservation is a question of discrimination .Its a question of our constitutional bias.Its a question of oppressing the week with the help of puppet MPs. Poor ppl are the really disadvntaged and we hav to help them.
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