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Reservation based on backwardness index(non caste based)

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Dear Friends,

I was wondering if one could approach the reservation issue based on the degree of backwardness of an individual.
Backwardness index could be based on factors like,

  1. Parental and family's education background
  2. family/ per capita income/wealth
  3. Domicile,access to schools,educational institutions,hospitals etc
  4. Disabilities if any of the individual.
There could be a few more parameters irrespective of caste that can define backwardness.
Would this not be good for a modern India?

Yes you can add more justifiable or already justified parameters including Caste if you want. Caste alone basis will no way eliminate caste systems it will perpetuate Instead of Manu we will be blaming Mandal. But this suggestion எடு படாது . for the reason that vote banks are created already and more on the making. During the census demands on caste basis will reach higher decibels and some TB have the guilt complex as well for thing they never did but their fore fathers they strongly believe have done and they want to do ப்ராயசித்தம் or பரிகாரம் . Already it is law based on caste only. That is the reality today
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