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Request for forum for Meet and Greet

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Dear Administrator,
While re-organising the various discussion forums, is it possible to start a forum just for 'Meet and Greet' for our boys and girls of marriageable age? The reason for this request is as follows:
1. Our community is now spread across the world and in some places like Australia, it is too thinly spread for our boys/girls to find life partners within our community.
2. The old traditions of "Pen paarka Porathu" and arranged marriages are going out of fashion even in India so we need a forum where boys and girld can get to know each other in cyber space.
Suresh Natarajan
Dear Sri sumaviab Ji and Sri praveen ji,

I, Sometime ago, I proposed such a meeting place for our youngsters. I even cited the example of the Jews in USA, where they as a community face the similar problem.

I hope, this Forum will absolutely emphazise two points when they facilitate such introductions:

1. Brahminical sub sects should not matter. Folks should not get introductions if they seek the same sect alliances.

2. No alimony and other fianacial considerations should be allowed.

Just my two cents.

Dear Sri.KRS,
I have always thought sub-secting was bad for the community. I do not see any great differrence in the beliefs, values or habits of say a Ashtasahasram versus a Brihacharanam although I know of fanatics proclaiming their sub-sect was superior. I am all for canvassing members of this forum to support the cross-marraige between sects.In fact as an Indian living abroad, i feel even the Iyengars and Madhwas should be brought together for matrimonials. (I Know I might have stirred a hornet's nest here but so be it).
Suresh Natarajan

Why should we impose our thoughts on others?? If we are OK with subsect marriage its fine. If we have our way of choosing life partners let it be.Marriage is a one time event and should be satisfactory for not only both of them,in many cases for their families too.You can come up with your views which you think are good for all which may not be the true thing for others.
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