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I am somewhat saddened by the fear and anger that I sense behind some of the posts on this forum. I feel Brahmins are losing their ideals in the current generation. I understand that these reservations and constitutional amendments are viewed as dangerous by many, but I feel this is actually an opportunity to aim for a renaissance and adapt to modern times.

In particular, I feel we must not exhibit hatred or superiority to other Indians, after all most of us share the same roots. Tamil Nadu is not Bharat. I feel a philosophy of live and let live should guide Brahmins. By helping each other and focusing on preserving ancient philosophical knowledge, Brahmins should live in peace and harmony with others of our faith.

In the Christian faith, there are Protestants, Catholics, Quakers, Methodists, Mormons and lots of different groups who all have their own rituals and traditions, and yet live in harmony overall. Except for Northern Ireland, where the conflict may have territorial and ethnic undercurrents, not purely religious ones.

One should just ignore those who exhibit hatred against Brahmins and instead concentrate on trying to achieve one's own potential, striving for excellence in one's chosen field, and helping unfortunate members of the community. I feel that is much more productive than retorting with hateful speech.
Survival Mode

Unfortunately today's Tamil Brahmans are too busy trying to survive rather than go to villages and try and set right untouchability and other practices. Most Brahmans have migrated out of TN villages except for a few pockets. Yet the practice of untouchability remains primarily in villages. Even if the remaining 3-4% of Brahmans in TN were to all leave, I doubt if the Dalits in TN would be any better off. And does any Brahman dare take on the powerful Thevar, Gounder, Nadar, Vanniar, Mudaliar castes and say they should allow Dalits to live among their villages, marry their daughters, or manage their businesses? I think the Brahman is equally likely to come to bodily harm as those Dalits who had their heads lopped off in Theni district in the 90's and early 2000's.

Nor are Brahmans in power at the MLA, Panchayat and local bodies levels. Most have moved on to the private sector and out of government. Maybe the so-called enlightened and "oppresed" OBCs who have been dominating the govt since the late 1960's can take the lead and create a utopian society that the Dalits and others would just love to stay in.

I just get the feeling most of today's Brahmans just want to be left alone and follow their own traditions and avoid conflicts. And maybe that is for the best, for the future belongs to those who have a strong sense of identity, an anchor in traditional values and philosophy, global outlook and can adapt to adversity. The Jews are an excellent example. While TN Brahmans have not come close to experiencing the pogroms that the jews have suffered, the recent stabbings and sickle attacks targeting TN Brahmans over the Periyar Statue issue may be an ominous harbinger. The following describes the recent mini-pogrom in more detail.

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