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Remove the Caste based Reservation System

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If almost all groups/castes get reservation and the total percentage is hiked up to, say, 80% as you say,then the balance 20% is for general category (for open competition under merit). If a SC/ST/OBC/BC candidate scores highest mark and rank, he will only be reckoned /considered first for open competition, as per extant system. In an indirect way the reservation percentage would be higher.
Unreserved seats are filled up only on merit basis and open to all castes (including reserved category).
Is it not the usual claim of tabras that the scheme of reservations has spelt the doom of merit? Does this not presuppose that the unreserved categories represent merit whereas the reserved categories represent the opposites? If so, our tabra boys and girls will never be "overtaken" by the reserved categories. Then why should we bother?
Rhetorical but makes no sense. Out of 12 seats for a postgraduate art course, only 3 or 4 fall in the open category. Teaching posts (lecturer to professor) under reservation quota cannot be filled and remain vacant for years, and fc candidates serve as contract labour in these vacancies, getting one fourth of the salary because of hourly rate. It is puzzling what happened to the students who passed out, but do not compete for the teaching vacancies.

Interesting comment that has come out during this visit of modi, many nris have admittd that they are economic refugees driven out because of socialist policies of the previous govts.

Is it not the usual claim of tabras that the scheme of reservations has spelt the doom of merit? Does this not presuppose that the unreserved categories represent merit whereas the reserved categories represent the opposites? If so, our tabra boys and girls will never be "overtaken" by the reserved categories. Then why should we bother?
A Tribute to Parsis

A Tribute to Parsis

Parsis are just 0.1% of total population, or maybe even less……….YET………

They never asked for minority status…

They never asked for reservations…

They never fought with Indian Government…

They never felt threatened by Hindus…

They never throw bombs or stones or damage public property…

They never indulge in crimes or run the underworld…

All they do is to contribute mightily to the progress of India…

They gave us the best…..

Mr. Dadabhoy Naoroji…Mr. Firozshah Mehta….Mr. Bhikaji Cama…Mr. Ratan Tata… Mr. Adi Godrej…Mr. Cyrus Mistry…Mr. Homi Bhabha…Mr. Zubin Mehta… Mr. Nari Contractor…Mr. Farokh Engineer…Mr.Soli Sorabjee…Ms. Persis Khambata…Ms. Daizy Irani…Mr. Homi Wadia…Mr. Rustom Karanjia…Mr. Dinshaw Petit…Mr. Shapurji Pallonji…Mr. Rusy Mody…Mr. Boman Irani…Ms.Perizad Zorabian…Mr. Cyrus Poonawala…Mr. Shyamak Dawar…Mr. Cyrus Bharucha…Ms. Bachi Karkaria…Mr. Busybee… Mr. Keki Mistry…Mr. Bejan Daruwala…Mr. Mehraboon Irani….

the list is endless….and above all, the one and only FIELD MARSHAL SAM MANEKSHAW !!

Each one of us Indians love & respect Parsis…They are best gift by Almighty to India…
They are a beautiful People…A beautiful and dignified Race….

I wish we had more of the Parsis who could teach our other greedy minorities as to what minority really means……It means NOT to be parasite or a leech on the host country…It means to give, & NOT to take…

All those who are asking for minority status, then and today, ought to be ashamed of themselves.

You owe a lot to this nation. Pay back, rather than asking from nation.


Reservations should have a time-frame, says SC judge

Reservations should have a time-frame, says SC judge

Oct 4, 2015,

LUCKNOW: Stating that caste and religion based quota system may eventually harm the nation, Justice Shiva Kirti Singh of Supreme Court said on Saturday that a time-frame for reservation should be fixed.

Justice Shiva Kirti Singh, while addressing advocates at a conference 'Role of Advocates in Indian Democracy' organised by Adhivakta Parishad, an off-shoot of RSS, said, "Positive action is needed to help the needy people. But time frame for reservation should be fixed let's say 20-30 years."

RSS chief, Mohan Bhagwat, had also recently said that the reservation policy should be reviewed. A debate over reservation is already underway in the country, after Patel community in Gujarat demanded quota under OBC category.

Meanwhile, Justice Singh also urged Bar Council of India to take up the issue of ceiling limit of fees, and at the same time, he also suggested 'minimum fee for every advocate'. Expressing concern over deterioration in legal profession, Justice Rakesh Tiwari of Allahabad High Court, said some advocates were disturbing law and order and also exerting pressure on the judges/presiding officers. Armed Forces Tribunal member Justice D P Singh said, "Bar must maintain its standards. We are safe till the judiciary is independent and plays its role in true spirit."


You can write 100 more points but all these are of no use. Kindly be practical and understand the political scenario. When MGR came up with a partial reservation based on economic status he got defeated in the next elections, though it was due to alliance he felt it was because of his decision on reservation and so he immediately reversed it. Nothing is equal in this world and will never be so. "All are equal as per constitution" these are just empty words and have no practical significance. Are we going to leave our control over "dikshitar-priest" saying all are equal? That's rubbish and lets not fool ourselves. A community can gain control only when it becomes politically significant. First the tamil brahmin population should get consolidated and have a strong organisation with a real leadership. Muslims population is about 4% in TN but they are politically active because they have strong organisation and the community follows what the leader says. When a leader says vote for this person, the community follow it so the leader is able to use his votebank in the best way. It's time for the current leaders of brahmin organisations to step aside and we need to have new young leadership that will work only for community upliftment.
Brahmins in Gujarat Demand Reservation, Salary for Priests

Brahmins in Gujarat Demand Reservation, Salary for Priests

03rd October 2015

VADODARA: Amid the ongoing agitation by Patels for quota, an organisation of Brahmins in Gujarat has demanded reservation for community members in Government jobs and educational institutes in the State.

All Gujarat Brahm Samaj also wants the Government to pay monthly salary to Brahmin priests serving in temples across the State. The Samaj officer-bearers held a day-long meeting here yesterday and passed a number of resolutions in support of their various demands, including reservation and salary for Brahmin priests, its President Shailesh Joshi said.

Briefing news persons at the end of meeting, Joshi said "the BJP Government in Gujarat should follow the example of the Tamil Nadu Government and give monthly salary to all the temple priests in the State." He said the government should set up a Brahmin Vikas Board to look after 55 lakh economically weaker Brahmins, whose population in Gujarat he put at 62 lakhs.

Joshi said the Samaj wants the State to grant reservations solely on the basis of economic criterion. "We want the Government to change this (current) system of reservation and introduce a system which is based on economic condition, not on castes. We believe anyone who is financially weak should get reservation, including Brahmins.

"Our children are not getting good education or jobs because of the current reservation system," said Joshi. Pradip Jani, Convener of the Samaj, announced formation of local level committees for launching a statewide agitation based on Gandhian principles in support of their demands.
The demand for reservation from the upper caste community members comes at a time when Gujarat is already witnessing an agitation by Patidars (Patels) for quota in jobs and education.

Look at another scenario: almost all groups/castes get reservation and the total percentage is hiked up to, say, 80%. Then brahmins will get 20% reservation, in an indirect way!

For example in TN out of the 31% Open competition Brahmins get just 1-3% ...So if 20% is open Brahmins may just get 1%

In North India Baniyas, Kayasthas & Punjabi Khatris who are in General category are giving very high focus on education and are deemed smart & intelligent...They get 80-90% of all Open seats in premier institutes..North Indian Brahmins are politically powerful but economically weak!
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