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Religious Restrictions Before Varushabdhikam

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A family friend of mine lost his mother 5 months before.He has a 8 month old Grandson through his son.Annaprasanam ceremony for this child falls during this year before the Varushabdhikam of his mother.According to his family tradition the Annaprasanam is done at Guruvayur Temple.He is in a fix whether to perform the function on the schedule day.He is getting conflicting views from family and friends.Can some one learned or experienced tell me the correct thing to do.I would also be grateful if some can highlight the reasons for doing or not doing the rituals in this period.
This is my personal view...........
Ask him to perform the function at Guruvayur, going to temples
not forbidden , we do the subasvegaranam and from that day
you can visit any temple , but some believe not to climb hills-station
temples for which I have no explantion.

Great Guruvayur appaan -those who believe him they need
not observe any rituals to visit him and to get blessings.
Climbing hill station was banned beacuse of the transport facilities on that days. The kartha will be performing "MAsyam" "Sodhambam" every month which should not be stopped. If he goes for a hill trip, because of the transportation it might take some extra days. So only it was banned that day. But people are still following this.

Only kuladevatha prarthana should not be done. Abhisheka, archana should be avoided. Otherwise very well they can go to temples. Even for kuladeivam temple also they can go. but should not do any private abhisheka aradhanas.

This is also my view only. Expecting quotings from sastras regarding this.
Belatedly send you all my DEEPAVALI greetings, HAPPY 2009 DEEPAVALI!
Swami ji

I have a doubt now. If a child is born (Vridhi) is there for a kartha and at the sametime, his parent too passed away (Theetu). What is to be done? Whether punyavachanam can be done? How he will do the karmas? If he is under vrithi, is he able to do karmas as per sastras???

Probably my dear kunjuppu sir can swap this and place this under separate title. I have many many doubts to get clarified in this regard swami ji.

Expecting your sastrical answer.

Dear Sarmaji,

Could you please elaborate as to what can and cannot be done in situations like this? It would be good if someone could explain all this for the immediate and extended family.

Nice sir... Thanks for this clarification.

"யார் யார் இறந்தால் யார் யார் எத்தனை எத்தனை நாட்கள் தீட்டு காக்க வேண்டும்?"
"இரண்டாவது பையனுக்கு எந்த உரிமையும் கிடையாதா காரியங்களில்?"
"குழந்தை இறந்தால் அதற்கும் திவசம் உண்டா?"
"ஆண் வாரிசு இல்லாதவர்கள் இறந்தால் யார் அவர்களுக்கு திவசம் செய்ய வேண்டும்?"

Please clarify these also swami ji.
Thanks swami ji. I conveyed the messages to my whole family. Is there any particular book to solve all these. I mean in simple tamil???
How can We Recognize a True Master

Touch not the feet,
Of those who call themselves
Gurus or Pirs
And who go a begging.
Only he who works for his bread,
And out of his earnings
Spares something for charity
Knows the Path. Sri GURU NANAK Devji.
A True Master bestows his services and teachings free,just as Nature gives us air,light,and water as her free gifts. He neither expects nor accepts anything under an obligation. He is truly the giver and never the receiver.
A true Master may be unmarried or a family men, but when he starts his work as a master he relinquishes family life. He is in the world but no longer of the world.
Financially, a true Master lives on his own income,in no way depending on the support of others.
He is readily approchable by rich and poor,sympathetic and always prepared to answer any questions put to him. He is a distinguished,courteous gentlemen,who adapts himself to all grades of society,living a simple,modest life and is an example to every one.
A true Master has the highest spiritual knowledge and is able to transmit it. He teaches what he has lived through personal experience of the inner Path.
He awakens the soul, the in-dweller of the body,and gives unfailing guidance to those already initiated.
He is master of his subject when he speaks. He discribes the way,with all the distingushing features, the soul is to follow to reach its true abode, to come to the presence of the creator.
A Master does not perform miracles for show, but the protection and guideance the disciples receive here,the ways by which he frees the soul"within" from the clutchs of the mind and bring it in contact with word and the Supreme Being are "signs and wonders people would not belive".
A true Master is here among us for guidance and,in his radiant form, is "within" the disciple to accompany him on the way, and is there without fail at the the time of his departure from this perishable world.
By C.W. Sanders from the book of "THE INNER VOICE".
This Topic is in connection with the topic of The Spiritual Froud.S.R.K.
To SNji the 12permalink posted in view of how people thinking which is not so importence to whom a perfect Master is there. Just for argument I put like this, we are travelling in Bus and so many people will travel withus from some one is having vruthi/theetu(Death),but we are going to Temples/worshiping place, what will happen to one,nothing all this vruthi/theetu all just make people fools, a person should know what for this human birth given to him and realize the self then nothing is important. S.r.K.

Shri Swaminatha Sharmaji,

I am interested in knowing what is mentioned in sasthrms about athma sradhdham, especially by those who do not have puthra powthrathis,having only sons in law, only dowhithrans etc., whom not at all blessed with any issue. If possible, you may kindly explain with the pramanam and source also. I have heard that there is this kind of a sradhdham prescribed in our smartha sampradhayam (belong to this sect). I myself come under one of the above categories and eager to know your reply pls.

Thanks & Regards.

"அவரவர் இச்சையில் எவை எவை உற்றவை அவை தருவித்தருள் பெருமாளே!"
_ திருவக்கரை திருப்புகழ்
Good swami ji

I agree with you. I have beliefs in all these. If I have a vridhi or theetu i will act accordingly. Why to bother whether about the rest of the population??? Let the persons willing should follow and the others simply resist. Earth is there for all...

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