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regarding chandi homam

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Chandi Homam is normally done to remove any obstacles or troubles. Goddess Durga
is invoked and puja is offered to seek HER blessings. Chandi is a very powerful Deity.
Performance of Chandi Homam relieves one from all bad evils, curses, obstacles,
sickness, if any, besides it brings peace, lasting health, wealth and prosperity.
Goddess Shakthi i.e. Chandi is the embodiment of all the Divine Forces and She
is called the Mother of the Universe. Normally, when this homam is performed
different types of materials are purchased to offer in the Homam.
Sastrigals will be able to give a list of requirements for doing this Homam. Durga
Saptashati is chanted. Around 9 Sastrigals gather for this to chant the Mantras. The
homam is commenced with Anugyai Sankalpam, Ganapathi Puja, Punyakavachanam with
Kalasa Sthapanam followed by Bairava Puja (Lord Shiva's incarnation) and at the end

Gud Morning Bala Sir, Your reply to the thread is detailed and very clearly stated.Thank u for the efforts you have taken for it ,as it gives a proper idea about the homam.
Regarding Chandi Homam

I have never heard Chandi Homam being performed at Residential Houses.

I do NOT know whether "Norms" have changed in recent years.

Almost every year during Navarathri this is performed in Temples--Ashrams----Matams--Or in the Camps where Sringeri Jagadguru or Kanchi Jagadguru performs Navarathri Pooja.

It is to please Nava Chandi --or Nava Kaali--or Nava Durga'

The entire 700 verses of Duga Saptha Sathi or what is called Devi Mahahmiyam with Poorvaangam and Uttaraangam are used as Mantras for offering Oblations to Sakthi.

Most part of 700 verses describe how Devi Duga--Devi Lakshmi and Devi Sarasvathi "Neutralise" the demons and devils like Mahisha(buffalo head)--Sumbha--Nisumbha(Both Idio syncracies and Morons)--Madhu(Intoxicants)--Kaitabaha--Raktha Bheeja(vicious seeds of blood--something like modern Blood Malignancy--as more and more blood cells are destroyed more and more will proliferate)--Dhoomra Lochana (an asura with smoke filled Eyes ) etc.This is performed for the Welfare of County-Society--Community--Country--World etc.Perhaps NOT performed at Homes/Residences.

I do not think this is described in "Grahya Sutras".I may be wrong and stand for correction--

In my opinion, Kanchi Sankara Acharya Swamy or Sringeri Sankara Acharya Swamy would be the most appropriate "authorities" to advice.
Gud Morning Bala Sir, Your reply to the thread is
detailed and very clearly stated.Thank u for the efforts you have taken for it ,as it
gives a proper idea about the homam.

Thank you very much Madam. As I was out, just now only, saw your message. Sorry for
the delay. I didn't see your post for the couple of days. Hope you are doing fine.

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Who are doing navavarsana pooja for meru or srichakra or who are doing daily navaakshari manthra japam after duly had this manthropadesam are the only eligible persons to do this homam. The homam cost for one homam is above thirty thousand rupees. People who are capale of spending this amount can do on their houses. As it is costly people are sharing the expenses and doing it in a public place like mutt or temple. 700 manthras are there in 13 chapters. At the end of each chapter poornahudhi is there. and finally one poornahudi is there. For each poornahu along with manjal,kumkumam, fruits, blouse bit and with or without 9yards saree. and finally you have to do sumangali pooja minimum one, vadu (Brahmachari pooja) and kanya pooja at least one usually 9 durgas are there so maximum 9 sumangali, 9 kanyas and 1 vadu pooja, For all of them meals, 9 yards saree with blouse bit , for kanya girls below 10 years of age paavaadai, blouse, and 4 mulam dhoty for vadu. You have to give them gingilly oil, soap nut powder, shampoo for them to take oil bath. then you have to give them meals, nalangu , dhakshinai, mattai thengai,bangles, manjal,kukkumam, mirror,comb,eyetex, mehendhi etc. Nine yards saree in the homagni for goddess durga; Then you have to give in the homam agni gold thirumangalyam, silver metti, wooden comb, kumkumam, manjal, chandanam, all varities of fruits, sweets and savouries, (Mysore pahu, laddu, jilabi, etc; and savouries muruku etc all in seer size (big size) Dry fruits 21 nos. in each. haaram. we have to put them all homam agni. Ghee 5 kilo; wooden fire wood 50 kilos; for kumbam one brass kudam, pooja articles require ments, haram for kudam, thodutha pushpam, uthiri pushpam, dhakshinai for homam sri vidhyo pasakars will come around ten thousand rupees.
nice post now i am totally understand that what is chandi homam .chandi homam is done for remove of obstacle from the life .by using havan samagri and havan items we can do the chandi homam which is one of the best activity in hindu religion
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