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Recipe Books

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Mallika Badrinath has a whole series of vegetarian south indian cooking. There is a slant towards Karnataka (vs Tamil or Keralite) but she has written individual books on sweets, savouries etc.

Vedavallis book on cooking is very good ( slanted more towards Iyengar cooking ).. there is plenty available when you browse too .. if you are looking for anything in particular
Dear Sowbhagyavathi Chintana Ji,

The book I usually give to folks who come to USA is 'Dakshin' - Vegetarian Cuisine from South India - by Chandra Padmanabhan (Harper Collins). This has American measures and terms and is very good. I even cook using it!


Dear all,

Besides Meenakshi Ammal's "Samaithu Paar" can anyone recommend a good, contemporary cook book on South Indian vegetarian cooking?

One more book

Dear Sowbhagyavathi Chintana Ji,

Another very good book I bought, though somewhat pricey is 'Samayal' - The pleasures of South Indian Vegetarian Cooking by Viji Varadarajan and Padmini Natarajan. This is more elaborate than 'Dakshin' and even has 'Kozhukattai' recipes that work.

Both 'Dakshin' and 'Samayal' are available from Amazon, USA.

www.amazon.com does not accept net orders if shipping address is in India. I wonder why ?

Books they do!. Infact i have the experience of buying thru Amazon. The book (something on Space!) got delivered in prim and pristine condition.

They dont generally deliver anything outside of US/Canada (i suppose!) other than books.

The site is very safe too even if you have to give your CVV number of your Credit card.

On a different note, Chintana, when i scrolled up to the start of this thread, i wonder how 'Samaithu "paar"' would evoke any kind of "confidence" for the wannabe cook or cooki as the case may be.

I would prefer titles that wax lyrical about "Samaithu Saapidu" !!!!!
Gone are the days when extraordinary interest shown in 'matters-edible' invited severe censure/reprimand from the elders.

Now we have an entire thread devoted to gastronomical indulgences !

Aajkal ka pandit log bahut tarakki kar raha hai !
Dear Sri jishnukrishna,

I have had the book for a while. What pictures you are referring to? The author or the dishes?


padma lakshmi has written a book . u can perhaps buy it .
psst...wonder if it has pics :) let me know if u buy it.
Thaamari thandu vadaams are available at most of the super markets .. Ambika appalam depot may have them.. or even Nilgiris
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