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Real picture of sri Hanumanji

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A few years ago, a group of devotees visited the Himalayas on a pilgrimage.
An inquisitive but devout gentleman was a member of the group. He
was peeping into all the caves and in one cave he saw a figure looking like
Hanumanji reading Ramayan. He took a photograph of Him. But, he died
mysteriously and no one could figure out the cause of his death. They
could find a camera by his side, and when it was developed they found the
picture of Lord Hanumanji. I know the party. Here it is :

‪Real Lord Hanuman in Himalayas‬‏ - YouTube

how much credibility do you personally give to these 'mystery' stories. usually it has been found, that there is a joker hiding around the corner, pulling the strings.

i am skeptical of such stuff.

the catholic church has a similar thing called the shroud of turin. the muslims have the prophet's hair thing in kashmir. .. and so it goes on.
Mr.Kunjuppu sir,

The group is known to me. The incident is real. But whether the picture is
Hanumanji's I do not know, because I have not seen HIM.
that is youtube picture. If you dont believe it, you can contact Sri Rama samajam,
Ayodhya mandapam, West mambalam, chennai.

It is your right to believe it or not ; I have nothing to say about your belief.
I notice the following features:-

1. Hanuman seems to be wearing spectacles. The white patches below the eyes have to be explained, if this is not the case.

2. The Ramayana book in the lap of Hanuman has only six lines per page. At that rate the size of the book seems too small.

3. Hanuman who is supposed to be one of the most intelligent of the Vaanaras and equal to God plus a Chiranjeevi, requiring a printed sort of book to recite ramayana is curious. The photo makers should have had at least shown a palm leaf "cuvaḍi" instead of this book.

4. Reading a sacred text like Ramayana is normally done on "padmaasana" or at least in the simple cross-legged posture, not the jain idol type of posture shown in the photo.

5. A broad forehead is normally not seen in Hanuman pictures. I do not know whether there are are monkey species with the type of forehead and hair shown in the photo.

All things considered, it appears to me that it is photoshop manipulation of an image of some pundit with shaven forehead and glasses and the letter size in the book has been artificially increased.
Sir, I really do not know since I have not seen sri Hanumanji. If I do, I shall
NRR sir, the title you have chosen for this thread, "Real picture of sri Hanumanji", does give an impression (i) you know how Hanuman looks and (ii) the image in the photograph is that of Hanuman.

Pattern recognition is an important capability for survival. Pattern recognition is essential to differentiate prey from predator. This capability has some side effects, such as our ability to make out shapes of animals and other familiar objects in cloud formations.

A negative consequence of this side effect is to take it seriously and read some supernatural message. Some years ago a fellow took a photograph of the yaga kuntam in a Sudarshana Homam, and the shape of the fire rising out of looked like a something with a tail. That was enough to send everyone assembled into enthrallment that Hanuman decided to appear.

While all religions promote superstitious beliefs, the Hindu mind is especially honed to come up with supernatural explanations. This susceptibility is exploited by the Godmen to gain fame and amass wealth.

In the West, when caught in a scandal, the TV preachers will have to go through public admission of weakness and tearful pleading for redemption before being making a come back.

But, in India, when the Anandas and Babas face a similar situation, they need not worry, even the most ridiculous explanations will be accepted with reverence by their followers, like our Nitti's claim that his body has not aged beyond that of a 4 year old boy. Baba's hidden wealth in his private vault does not even need any explanation for his followers.

To even entertain the possibility Hanuman may be sitting in a cave reading Ramayanam is really amazing. This probably is what satvic food does, no superstition is too far fetched to be believed.

Dear NRR Sir,

The picture appears to have human face and monkey's body! Why should the person who took the picture die?

Is it because of his death, no one dared to enter the cave again to find out the truth?

Youtube is loaded with many more fascinating moves of Sri Hanumanji's idols! Human imagination has no bounds!

Raji Ram

This picture could also be real for all we know.We just don't know thats all... if its real or not.
Most of us human we have a fixed mental image of divinities in our mind and it does sometimes interfere with our ability to even recognize anything divine.

I feel let the mind be free..dont even have an idea of how Divinities should be or even behave.
We try to even "control" God sometimes with our mental fixations.

So even if this picture is not true but at least this video made us think of Hanuman Ji when all of us viewed it.
After all the Bhava feeling is more important than the Visual perception.
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We, humans made different religions and different Gods. There is a POWER which controls the universe and we are aware

of it when things don't happen in the way we want, even after our sincere efforts! So, the ALMIGHTY, we name as GOD.

Some name it as Fate. (when we achieve something, we say 'I DID IT'! Seldom, we think of GOD)

Human mind wanders like a monkey and hence to have concentration of the mind, we NEED to focus on something and

we take whichever God / Goddess we admire and love as our Ishta Deyvam. So, the group of people who went with

the man who took the picture, imagined the figure found in his camera as Sri Hanumanji. Thats all!

:decision: ... :pray:

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