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Real facts >> Indian media

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People will not beleive if one reporter makes a news story, but if the created news is propoagated from all sides with equal force, the news is beleived as true by one and all. I have watched many debates in the NDTV, TimesNOW and CNN-IBN etc. and in all of them, they will target and pounce on the BJP side or the Hindu side of the debate. The entire media network is controlled by Gulf money/ missionaries / rationalists (not real) and the communists. It is a open secret that Rahul, Sonia and Priyanka are supported by one section of the minority, the Communists side with one important minority community and there is no party to speak the voice of the majority. Many Indians are still ignorant of the happenings around. As long as the people even don't care to cast their vote in election, what else can we expect from the people to do for the nation. Hindus are definitely going to be minority in another 20 years. Example are North eastern states (occupied by Christian missionaries), Kerala, Goa, J & K.
Peiyardasan who convereted at least 1000 Hindus to become Atheists has himself became a Muslim. Recently in a meeting, Periyar dasan shared the stage with Thol.Thiruma and in that meeting, a call was given to Thiruma to become a Muslim. He said he will bring in thousands of dalit people to the Islamic fold when he becomes a Muslim.
I think I have written a lot of "communal" sentences in this forum in this particular post. Sorry if this message was too rude. India needs freedom from external forces. Let us be aware of the happenings around us instead of just escaping from this nation to look for greener pastures elsewhere.
I am not defending the Indian media and each one is committing some mistake or other.

However it is not correct to discard them totally as they act as another pillar of democracy.

During Mumbai terrorist attach, media over played their role which helped terrorists. Live reporting was watched at terrorist head quarters and field instructions were given from them.

There are quite a few media - both electronic and print - who are highly independent and objective in their reporting.

I earnestly feel that competition among the media is driving them to create some hot news. News has to be reported factually and not created.

But at the same time, it creates fear among the rulers and administrators. Corrupt politicians and officials fear media as it can create sensations among public and will damage their reputation instantaneously.

Fraudulent God men will also fear the media now. All our God men are not real saints. All the media also are not sinners. There are exceptions on both sides.

In a free market we should permit competitive environment which will have its own checks and balances.

All the best
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The link in Dr.Sundaram's post exposes the background of all the news media in India and the vested interests operating in their background.
An additional piece of information is that all the news papers with "deccan" in their name owes allegiance to the oil money that supports them.
There is no newspaper which cares for the nation and work as the fourth pillar of democracy. Watch them with an eye of suspicion and check how much balanced they are in issues related to religion.
Also check whether they bring out opinions from both sides of the coin or they are prejudiced and they take their own position in analysing.
I was once addicted to NDTV for news with full trust on them, but I feel cheated when I realised the truth. All the audience who sit in their shows are "doctored", "oriented" to the McCaulay/JNU school of thoughts.
The recent May'09 elections and the campaign exposed who's who of Indian news media.
hi folks,
another brahminbased story...ooru rendu annaal///koothdikku kondattam...a tamil proberb......DK parties are waiting for this...
hindu/tvs/adddison/easun group/ttk still survive in tamil nadu............

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