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Real Enemies of Brahmins-My version, and a small story.

The story of 3 frogs.
Once upon a time, there were 3 frogs.
One was called Proactive, the second was called reactive and the third one was called inactive.
They all happily lived in a pond for years togather. Once a lady came to the pond to collect water for cooking, and when she immerced her paanai (pot), these three got trapped inside.
Proactive got worried. He was sensing that something is seriously wrong because there was no light all of sudden and the space seemed confined.
Reactive thought it might be the natural currents that cause the movement and there might be an eclipse for getting dark.
Inactive was enjoying the rocking motion.
The lady goes home, and notices the frogs, and asks her husband as to what to do with the frogs. The husband wanted to have thavalai kozhambu and asks her to boil the frogs and make saambar.
The lady puts the pot on a stove and goes to fetch some spices.
Proactive immediately senses the heat, and jumps around. It tells reactive and inactive that something is really wrong...he cautions them and escapes by jumping out and running away.
In the meantime, the water gets hot enough, and the reactive thinks that the temperature might increase beyond a certain point, and he escapes too warning the inactive. But since the water is ht enough already he is badly burnt, and licks himself after jumping out, but thanks all his gods for giving him wisdom atleast to escape after getting hurt.
Inactive is still in the pot enjoying the temperature, and in the meantime the lady comes with the spices and adds them to water. Inactive enjoys the smell of the spices and in his enjoyment gets thourougly cooked.. without even realising he is dead.

Now the story is over...it would be easy to grade brahmins into these three categories.. and I am not rich enough to give all a free colour TV for getting it right.

I will continue this post and as and when time permits, try to do a thorough examination of various attributes which I think lead us into this pathetic situation.
I am not rich enough to give all a free colour TV for getting it right.

you already did. its your hard earned money which you paid as taxes has gone to fund these colour tv's

thanks for the moral/joke, meanwhile does anyone eat frog curry!!! I never heard about frog saambar.

I didn't understand, what is it matter with free colour tv???

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