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reading habits

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It is disheartening to note that most of the youngsters are not in the habit of rading books , religious literature and even periodicals like Kalki , Kumudam etc. Their circulation is falling and no wrirets are also forth coming to write stories and serials. Is it not a dangerous trend?
When one door closes another door always opens!

I myself have not read single Tamil magazine since 1970, except

Cho Ramasami's Thuglak. I don't find find anything worth reading in

them. Who is interested in the gossips and photos of scantily dressed

film stars anyway?

That does not mean I do not read at all.

Why are there so many web sites and so many topics under discussions

and millions of blogs in many languages.

Be happy that we have stopped wasting papers and destroying forests

but are doing pretty well in sharing our opinions better than before.

Always be positive! B+!; B+!; B+!

By the way, whenever the yearly book exhibitions are held in Chennai

and other metropolitan cities, we hear about the sale of books running to

several crores!!!

So GOOD books are/ have been / and will be always in demand and it is

a good trend that magazines which thrive on sensational news items

and gossips are facing a downward trend!
Not open for further replies.

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