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Reader's Digest plans prearranged bankruptcy

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Sad to hear the news.
Reader's Digest plans prearranged bankruptcy | Reuters
I have been a regular reader of Readers Digest from childhood.
I hope they would continue publishing the magazine, though it has become expensive in recent years and not much of new material.

Dear Sri "Nacchinarkiniyan",

It is indeed a sad news.
I have been a regular reader of "Readers Digest" when it used to be a real digest of information, without accepting even one advertisement to support them financially. I continued reading the magazine as a subscriber when they brought out their Indian Edition under Parameshwar Tharoor ( Uncle of Dr. Sashi Tharoor). But could not continue due to my affordability of regular increase in price. At one time Indian Edition of RD reached phenomenal figure of 6,00,000 copies (2008), which was highest for a monthly English magazine.

I hope the great magazine will withstand the pressure and continue to bring out this wonderful magazine.

When i was working in Calcutta a Bengali friend introduced me this great English Magazine; it was way back in 1966.
Ever since reading the first Magazine, i got fascinated by the various information in that and i was a regular subscriber till year 2005.
After that as i was moving in between US and India and discontinued it; even now i get mails from them giving many offers!!
Readers digest used to be class apart..Whenever I get an opportunity to read that I never missed that...I used to love the quiz page on English synonyms...May be it has not invented itself with the times...The topics covered are on Health, fitness, travel, Role models,along with fun and humor which are now covered by the tabloid magazines (a.k.a Times of India)...May be it lost touch with reality..Hope this crisis is a blessing in disguise...Hope it reinvents itself soon
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