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Re:Sponsership Request for Education.

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Re:Sponsership Request for Education.

Namaste to every one of you. I am sankara narayanan from Madurai.My only daughter S.Varalakshmi is expecting results for Plus Two.She is one of the brilliant student of her school. (TVSLMHSS).She is expected to get marks of 90 plus% in the exams. I am a VRS railway servant drawing railway pension in addition to my small business.I am seeking and searching for a helping hand to sponser her higher education.She is very eager of studying information technology.Any good hearts in a tendancy to feed her education may contact me at :[email protected] or thro Tamil Bramins site please.
please contact kerala iyers trust. they support causes like yours, if they deem it worthy.

please be aware there is an audit process. someone will visit you and verify your circumstances and your needs, and would ask for references.

you can browse through this website for further processing


good luck. a young mind is a terrible thing to go waste.
Dear Mr.T.S.Sankara Narayanan

Not sure if you already tried with Banks for educational loan. I was told that Banks have been clearly instructed to not ask for any security and provide loans for educational purposes.

Other thing you can try is the ******* at SS colony in Madurai. I had the pleasure of meeting the people there on a recent visit and was told that they would be willing to help the needy. Not sure of how much help they can provide though. But will be worth a try.

Thanks and good luck

Dear Shri.T.S.Sankara Narayanan

One more thing. Do you have a rough idea of how much monetary help you are looking for ? If not once, your daughter gains admission please post how much monetary help you are looking for.


Sponsership Request for Education of My daughter S.Vara Lakshmi.

Dear Shri.T.S.Sankara Narayanan

One more thing. Do you have a rough idea of how much monetary help you are looking for ? If not once, your daughter gains admission please post how much monetary help you are looking for.


Dear Mr Ramki Ji, Namaste.Thank you verymuch for the Interest you showed up on me Regarding educating my daughter.I dont know the exact amount needed for her education at present.She is writing entrance at Amirtha on 19th Apr /09 and expecting entrance shortly in Thiagaraja .I dont know the exact amount needed per year.I think it will come upto 60 to 70 thousand per year .Getting admission will not be a problem for her as she is expected to score high marks 90% plus.As and when her admission papers are handedover I will contact you.Any way I am sending her for Coaching Class for Architect right now.,in an expectation that Godess Meenakshi will not let her down.
I was told that Banks have been clearly instructed to not ask for any security and provide loans for educational purposes.

just one small clarification sir...please if you cud clarify..is it true banks do not ask for collateral for educational loans? do all banks (nationalized and private) follow this? thanks much.
Sir, Namaste.So far I never tried in Nationalised Banks.I just go to bank for drawing my Railway Pension.I never tried in bank..as I didnt met with such necessity up to her School Final which ended last month.Engineering College education is a major budget beyond my reach.As she is a female child I am afrid of my present status and after her completion as she may be ready for marriage after completing Engineering degree.Moreover the Interest also gets accumulated.
dear tssnarayan,

i think it is a young mind is a terrible thing to waste. it is a good idea to invest in your daughter's education, no matter what. i vaguely remember an old saying, that it was even ok to beg for education.

please feel free to take the loans from the banks. if you do the maths, based on current projection of income, she should be able to pay it off in two to three years.

also, re her marriage. i would not worry. the winds of change and gender deficiency is to her benefit. there are simply more boys than girls.

personally, i have lost count the number of boys in our community who are searching for brides. the math and the current attitude of both the parents do not favour our current crop of brahmacharis.

the boy's parents have still this old fashioned attitude, that all they need to present is their beloved son at the wedding pandal. the rest of the expense will come from the girl's side. they think that they are being magnanimous when they loudly proclaim 'no dowry'.

the boy's side, also have another reason to look forward - the assumption, that they get another slave wage earner care giver for free.

in this context, many girls and their parents have started questioning this system of (in)justice.

so, if you put your foot down, and explain your circumstances, i am quite sure, there will be a line up, for an apparently, smart, educated of yours.

the biggest mistake, i think, that you will be doing, to your daughter, and probably yourself, is to deprive her of her education, and thus condemning her, to the old fashioned daughter in lawdom.

just imagine, with her education, and continued employment, combined with enlightened in-laws, you have a good chance of being taken also in your old age. why should YOU be the one to be left on the streets, while your daughter's income/time be usurped by some strange family?

i wish your daughter the best of endeavours.... God Bless.
Dear Sri Sankara Narayanan,

I hope by this time your daughter would have got admission in an Engineering College. Banks don't ask for collateral security upto to Rs.4 lakh loans and only parents have to sign guarantee for the loan.

Generally Banks give loan only for students getting admitted in the general counselling and those who are admitted under management quota are not eligible for loans.

Again some where you mentioned `Amritha'. If it is a deemed university, there may be some difficulties. Banks approve only AICTE approved institutions for loans.

Please approach the bank where you are maintaining your regular account. If the Manager refuses to give you loan, he has to give it in writing.

If you send more details as a personal message, I can try to help you through my friends at Madurai.
Some truths and doubts clarified about educational loans.

1. For loans up to Rs.4.00 lacs, even a guarantor is not required.

2. For studies in Indian Universities, including deemed ones, maximum loan is Rs.7.50
lacs under priority sector with concessional rate of interest. In case of studies
abroad, this limit is Rs.15.00 lacs.

3. For beyond this limit, collateral security is needed and also guarantee of a person
of adequate worth is needed. (Guarantor could be either of the parents too)

4. Approval of the apex professional body like Medical Council of India, Dental Council
of India, Nursing Council of India or AICTE is required. This rule applies to deemed
universities too.

5. Any loan application, even if made on a plain paper, along with proof of admission
and statement of marks from 10th Std onwards must be acknowledged and considered by the banks.

6. Banks usually see only two things:

1. Parents of the student live within is operational area.
2. Capability of the parents to service interest, though not mandatory during the
period of study.
One more point. Even students admitted under management quota are eligible for loans, but capitation fees in any form cannot be considered for arriving at the loan amount.
Scholarship from Infosys Foundation

I received this email from a friend. Thought this might be useful.
[FONT=&quot]If you have come across any bright students coming from poor financial background who have finished their 10th standard this year (April 2009) and scored more than 80%, please ask them to contact the NGO - Prerana (supported by Infosys foundation). The NGO is conducting a written test and those who clear the test will be eligible for financial help for their further studies.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Please ask the students to contact the people mentioned below to get the form #580, Shubhakar, 44th cross,1st Main Road, Jayanagar, 7th Block, Bangalore - Mob No. - 9900906338(saraswat i)
Mr. Shivkumar (9986630301) - Hanumanthnagar Office
Ms. Bindu (9964534667) - Yeshwantpur Office[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]Even if you don’t know anyone, please pass on this info, someone might be in need of this help desperately.[/FONT]
Thank you very much Sri silverfox ji and Sri Ramacchandran ji. Very useful information for our youngsters.

All the best
I am eager to know what Sankara Narayanan's daughter did. How much percentage of marks she scored and where she got admitted for higher studies.
Pon Valan ji,
Namaste.I am extremely sorry for my delayed reply.In fact I was very busy with Bharti Axa Life Insurance Training and associated works.I am an agent for its products.
My daughter S.Varalakshmi has joined B.E.(ECE) in Sethu Institute Of Technology and attending her classes.
About this kindly refer my previous mails in which I quoted.
I paid a Capitation of One Lakh and fees.I applied for Bank loan also and the processes are going on.
Any way I thank all members of this Forum,for the Interest shown on her Higher Education.
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