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Rare Sight!

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 Rare Sight!

Auspicious ஆமை ! In Karnataka You see them in their pooja room - Our Maid cook wanted one I got this for her in Sringeri - ஆமை புகுந்த வீடு is inauspicious like ஆமினா பகுந்த வீடு for most of us!
This photo was take by me you can see lot of burkha clad women The one you see is seated on the steps leading Thunga River
You can see the crowd

 Rare Sight!

The arch leads to river


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Sri Ranganathar and his Muslim consort, Srirangam temple !!

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Except people associated with that massive Hindu temple dedicated to Sri Rangnatha Swamy at Srirangam, the first among the 108 Divya Desam shrines and people, following Vaishnava tradition of Hinduism, most of the Hindus may not be aware that the presiding deity there has a Muslim woman as his divine consort.

The fortunate woman happened to be a princess of Delhi Sultanate - Alauddin Khailji. The paradoxical, but interesting story was a combination of legend, history and tradition. The divine Muslim consort is adored and offered regular worship at the temple here.

When Maratha Hindus plundered Sringeri Shankaracharya sought Tippus help During Battle of Karbala Brahmins joined Hussain and are called Hussaini Brahmins Strange bed fellows due to compulsion of survival in crisis! BJP - PDP in Kashmir is a political necessity ! It is all synthetic and not natural!
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