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Random Thoughts-Caste census, Pregnancy Myth

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Another sunday -more free time to reflect om inconsequential topics

The latest issue of the 'The Hindustan Times' prominently displays these on the front page

Firstly the socio economic caste census is unable to classify the 4.2 million entries against caste. even earlier , anthropoligical survey had identified 65000 yes

65000 castes.which they found it difficult to classify , they then decided to limit itself to 7331 castes. Even the Mandal commission took 2 years to assess obc

population on 1931 census.In fact the home ministry in 2010 had warned against the caste census that such a study would throw up names of hundreds and

thousands of castes and sub castes which cannot be classified. now niti aayog is wondering what to do with masses of data with it.lol

the second topic ' Pregnancy Myth ' is more interesting

There is a myth that in case any lady wants a male child ,,have child birth in delhis Tihar jail.

Most pregnant ladies in delhi slum areas want to try out the lucky charm of Tihar at any cost.

women from slum clusters deliberately commit petty crimes such as theft etc to end up in Asias top prison just in time for child birth.

in fact , the facilities for delivery in tihar hospitalis better than most govt hospitals besides the bonus of getting a male child.lol .so the women believe anyway'

Tihar authorities alarmed at the rush of pregnant women , has come out to spread the message that it is just a baseless myth and rumour that more boys are

delivered there.but it may not be easy for them to shatter the myth.lol
Ideally, caste column must be deleted from the census records. The british themselves realised the folly of their first caste census, and decided not to do it again. The congress govt revived it for electoral mal practices, and current generations have to bear the costs.

A workable alternative is to club castes from all over india into larger groups. And benefits based on poverty level and education.
The caste problem is a millstone round the neck of India.

It is time we decide that there are only two castes in India. One is the untouchables (SC/ST) and the other the rest of Hindus in India.

If we have to persist with the thousands of castes, then we will have to also introduce the concept of minority suffering. Being a minority in a society is a big handicap. Particularly in democracy in which power sharing is decided by votes, any minority group lacks voice and clout. So they invariably suffer. They are over looked.

Brahmins being a minority among Hindu will have to be given the benefit of positive discrimination along with religious minorities like Parsis, Muslims, Jains and christians and the disability minorities like physically handicaped and orientation minorities like lesbians and transgenders.
It seems only casteism is of interest to members ,not pregnancy of slum women of delhi.lol
May be, only those who are based in Delhi and employ women from slum to help in household chores will be interested in 'that'!! :preggers:
It seems only casteism is of interest to members ,not pregnancy of slum women of delhi.lol

May be that is to get freebies in prison for pregnant women inmates...May be that is greater than they what they would have got in a Government hospital....And the Birth Certificate indicates that the child is born in prison..What a life long fetter for the child!
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