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Ramayana in one stanza

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Life is a dream
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Aadho Rama thapo vananu gamanam, Hathwa mrugam kanchanam,
Vaidehi haranam, jatayu maranam, Sugreeva sambhashanam,
Bali nigrahanam, samudhra tharanam, Lanka pureem dahanam,
Paschad Ravana Kumbha karna madanam, Ethat ithi Ramayanam

Once Rama went to forest,
He chased the deer,
Sitha was kidnapped,
Jatayu was killed; there were talks with Sugreeva,
Bali was killed,
The sea was crossed,
Lanka was burnt,
And later Ravana and Kumbha karna,
Were also killed.
This in short is the story of Ramayanam.

Translated By P.R.Ramachander
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ramayanam in nutshell

kanahara vishnu chakram
basuravenu chakram
giripara guru chakram
kesavaa swami chakram
asura vidhuna chakram
kalakanda aghina chakram
bowthu bowthu chakram
pandavor vishnu chakram

seethapathim, gunanithyam,nithrapriyam,thanmigam,rajendram,satyasandam,regugulathilakam,
shyamalam, shanthamurthim
vandhe lohabinam,
sarvaloka bhabha bayakarim
raghavam ravanam harim!

this i had through my mother's sayings. i don't know whether the same is right or wrong? i dont have any writings also. it is all vaai mozhi vai vanthathu!. i will be grateful, if any body correct this, along with the sanskrit script.

This sloka is said before going to bed, and i am getting the sleep within 1 minute till date and sleep peacefully. this is said to be the total concept of ramayana.

pranams and anantha kodi namaskarams.
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