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Ramakrishna Upanishad by Late Rajaji

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Ramakrishna Mutt, Mylapore, has published a book in Tamizh, entitled 'Sree Ramakrishna Upanisham' by Late Chakravarthi Rajagopalchari (Rajaji) in the year 1950.I am reproducing a bit from the above book pls.

The mother of a disciple of Ramakrishna Parmahamsar came to Paramahamsar one day and said:
‘I am aged. I like to go to Brindavanam and stay as a saint in the sannidhi of Radha and spend the rest of my life’ .
Paramahamsar realized that the condition of the old woman will not allow this. Only her mouth says this and not her mind/ heart. She was not prepared to renounce the wordly things .

“I know the love and affection you have towards your grand daughter. Even if you go to Brindavan or elsewhere, your mind will be thinking about your grand daughter always. How is she now? Whether she is given proper care?! etc. Even your physical presence will be in Brindavanam, your mind will always be with your grand daughter only. Hence you may do one thing. You think your grand daughter as Devi and give love to her. Remain near her always and take care of her. But you consider in your mind as she is the Devi, even while feeding her, applying thilakam etc., you think you are doing these services to Sri Devi. That way, you can enjoy the fruit of renunciation, though you remain in house and attend to household activities.”

What he suggested to her holds good for all of us.
Courtesy: Late Rajaji’s book entitled Sree Ramakrishna Upanishadham", in Tamizh, published by Ramakrishna Mission, Mylapore in 1950. Translation from Tamizh to English by myself pls.
"அவரவர் இச்சையில் எவை எவை உற்றவை அவை தருவித்தருள் பெருமாளே!"
_ திருவக்கரை திருப்புகழ்
Dear sir,

We also follows that only na...We are doing kumari poojanam during navarathri. Kanya poojai and all. Only thing is not daily we are doing. Anyhow, ramakrishna paramahamsa is also a shaktite na...He has shown the right and easiest way of worship. Thinking small children as devi makes pleasure to lalitha parameswari. I usually consider all female children as "Bala". I love ramakrishnar very much sir. Thanks for this nice posting... "Kailae vennaya vechundu neikku alayarava madiri", the persosn having girl child has nothing to worry to go a temple... His daughter is the real god swarupini.

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